Primary School


We hope you have had a lovely summer break. We welcomed the children back to school from Monday, 6th September. The return to school has signalled a further return to normality.

We should like to thank Sarah Hutchings and her team for running another successful summer club for our children. This year we had record numbers come along to enjoy fun activities together over the summer. In between running summer club, Sarah somehow managed to find the time to get married and is now Mrs. Higgins - congratulations Mrs. and Mr. Higgins!

We worked hard to make sure the school environment was ready for all the children to return to. We very much hope that they can enjoy a more settled year this year. At the time of writing, we no longer needed to maintain bubbles, children have been mixing and playing together across the school. We are very excited to be able to allow them to be together again and hope to re-establish the family culture of children caring for each other. We are already seeing our older children helping our new little ones and it has been wonderful to see our family together again.

Speaking of little ones - we are very pleased to welcome our new children to Reception.They have settled into school life with ease. Well done to all our new starters and all our children for such a fab start to the year.

With the end of restrictions, we are looking forward to continuing to offer our exciting and interesting curriculum.Our staff will continue to specialise in their own subject areas and will be able to move freely between our two schools - allowing us to teach in person once again.

Our children have been learning a wide variety of subjects, from traditional tales and nursery rhymes in Key Stage 1 to the life and work of Vincent Van Gough in Years 5 and 6.We have also been cracking on with literacy and numeracy skills. Pupils across all Years have been learning and thinking about how to reimagine Disney's short story "The Feast" from a different perspective - remembering to include a few adverbial phrases, alliteration, dialogue, noun phrases, similes, pathetic fallacy, onomatopoeia and relative clauses.Well done all of you!

Despite the obvious problems COVID19 brought for us, we have discovered a silver lining by implementing a staggered drop off and pick up time at the beginning and end to the school day. This has not only aided a more orderly start to the day for children - we hope that you have noticed this has eased congestion in the village too. We shall continue with the staggered timings as it works so well for us and hopefully helps you as residents in our community too.

We are tentatively starting to plan trips, visits and community events. We have not planned to arrange anything in the community until after the October half term, but we very much hope to allow wider community events leading up to Christmas - fingers crossed we shall be inviting our senior members of the community to the renowned Senior Dudes evening. Watch this space!

We are also so looking forward to start offering residentials and all the other extra-curricular experiences which enrich school life for our children and families. We have been able to provide bikeability sessions for our Year 6 pupils this half term - a further signal we are returning to our usual rhythm.

Please do visit our website for further details of all we do - the children have been working on their very own section of the site. It includes information for new starters and even has a staff "Top Trumps" segment. Coming soon!

Finally, in our last update we mentioned our filming session on Saunton beach with our Year 6 leavers. If you haven't already seen it - check out our Federation YouTube page here:

With best wishes,

Su Carey, Faye Poynter and the whole Staff Team



Since the return to school in March we have been busy cracking on with our work in class. The children have settled back into the daily routine extremely well - thank you to our staff and families for enabling this to happen. We are pleased to say that school trips are now firmly back on the agenda! The whole Federation has taken part in our courageous camp-out at Stapleton Farm, hosted by Adam and Natalie Stanbury. Over the course of the week the children took part in lots of activities, including foraging, fire lighting, pond dipping, a stream walk, as well as meeting the cows and learning about where milk comes from. How lovely for the children to spend a few days in the wilds at Berry Down. Special mention must go to our brave year 2's - they took part in their first ever sleepover at West Down School. We are so proud of them for camping out all night - they are all ready for the big camp out next year!

We have also ventured out to Saunton for a day at the beach. We managed to achieve not one but two things that day. Filming our socially distanced Year 6 performance in the absence of the use of the Landmark Theatre this year. It was fun to do some outside broadcasting! The children also had the opportunity to take part in a surf lesson and they were all so good. We clearly have some talented sea farers in our midst.

The children have been trying out their French conversational skills in Mrs. Owen's French Café afternoon. It was wonderful to see our children playing the part of café customers. They confidently ordered hot chocolate and croissants from their equally confident waiters and waitresses. Ambience was provided by French music and games - bravo les enfants!

At the time of writing, we are busy planning for Sports Day - sadly we shall not be able to invite families to watch this year but the children have been busy practicing for the usual array of events. We are so looking forward to holding a joint Federation event across both schools next year.

While lockdown has had its obvious drawbacks, restrictions on people visiting school have allowed us to think outside the box in terms of careers education for our older pupils. We have continued to host our Broadening Horizons event. This includes virtual presentations from a number of visitors, each showcasing their career. We have had some very interesting people offer their insight and expertise to our children. If you would be interested in being interviewed for our Careers Week event next year, please get in contact, we are always looking to inspire the children.

We are incredibly proud of our school family this year, including staff, children, parents, carers and governors. It goes without saying that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult years in education. Children have missed a significant amount of school, they have coped incredibly well during this time. We cannot thank our staff and families enough for the huge team effort it has taken to get us to the end of the academic year. Despite such a tricky time our children have been happy and committed to their learning. A wonderful tribute to our vision "being the best we can be, committed to making a difference".

This time of year is also full of pride and hope for our wonderful

Year 6 who will have finished their time with us. In our special Final Assembly, we wished the very best of luck to them: Ruby, Donovan, Salah, George, Alfie, Angus, Rosie S, Rosie T, Harley, Rhys, Benjamin, Eddie, Sky and Lilie. You should be very proud of all you have achieved both inside the classroom and out.

We can't wait to welcome all our new starters in September - let's hope we are heading for a restriction-free Autumn Term.

We hope you have a happy and safe summer and we look forward to getting involved in the community as restrictions ease - hope you enjoy a few pictures from our camp-out below!

Su Carey, Faye Poynter and the whole Staff Team.







Berrynarbor Staff are so happy to finally have all the children back in school.  The last few weeks have been challenging for everyone and the staff, children and families have had to adapt very quickly to a new way of working. 

Throughout lockdown the children enjoyed meeting up with their class each day through our online 'Are you ready' sessions. Here the children could speak to their teacher about the expectations for the day for their work. This was all set through the google classroom and google calendar. Berrynarbor children were able to access a variety of lessons, some pre-recorded, some live!

Children also had the opportunity to join in with lots of other exciting activities, such as live energy boost sessions for exercise and live story time with a member of staff at the end of the day. We even broadcast live from a farm where the children could watch some lambing taking place!

Now we are back at school, teachers are adjusting their plans to prioritise the learning most needed to progress as instructed by the Department for Education - we are arranging some exciting, weekly activities to celebrate being together again so the children have lots to look forward to. 

As we told our parents:

'The media has been full of negative language in relation to children and learning - this is not helpful to anyone (unless it secures more funding for children and schools!). But we know that our children are amazing, resourceful and resilient young people. We're proud of what they have achieved at home (academically and in other areas) and can't wait to have them back in school having fun together again. We will be using positive language that values their unique experiences of lockdown and celebrates being together again and we encourage parents to do the same. All children will return to school having learnt differently at home - our skilled team are ready to meet the individual needs of all of our children and so no child needs to be anxious about what they have or haven't done in the last few months. Learning at home - both academic learning set by teachers and other learning that comes from being in a family - might be different to what may have happened in school if we had remained open but is no less valuable. So instead of talking about 'catching up learning' let's notice other things children have gained from being at home while some areas of academic learning have slowed or paused. Instead of 'lost' let's talk about what children have already 'found' and what they can look forward to next. Rather than using the phrase 'upheaval', let's congratulate our children on the way they adapted to ways of learning in the last year that had never been tried before. Our children are amazing and we want them to look back on this time and be proud of all that they have achieved.'


Hopefully in the next newsletter we can share some of the fab things we have been up to with you!

Faye Poynter and Su Carey - Co-headteachers  


Since we have been back at school, everyone has been happy to be back and to have a bit of normality in our lives again. On the first Wednesday back, we had a happy together day. On this day, we were allowed to wear clothes that made us happy. We also played games with our friends [Covid friendly]! Every week up until Easter, the teachers are giving us a surprise. We are getting extended break times so we can have more social time with friends that we haven't seen for ages.  We are still having staggered starting times and leaving times. We hope we can go on some epic adventures and trips again soon!

By Ruby and Rosie T - Year 6



Thanks must be given to ALL the staff at our Primary School, who in these troubled times for education, are keeping our school open, helping vulnerable children and those of Key Workers, as well as holding on line classes.


An Acrostic Poem about West Berry Federation Remote Learning

by Ruby Barrow [Year 6]


Live lessons keeping us motivated,

Outdoor intervals keeping us refreshed,

Continued Federation community brought together by a lunchtime 'Energy Boost' session,

Kind and caring teachers doing their best,

Delivering devices to help us,

Online play-times so we can communicate with our friends

Wonderful teachers keeping us as safe as we can be,

Normality - looking forward to being back together with our Federation Family.



We are so pleased with the way the children are working extremely hard in lessons, they are happy and everyone is very busy! Due to restrictions we have not managed to do lots of the lovely things we normally do and this has changed school life quite a lot. We normally pride ourselves on all the lovely extra-curricular activities we provide for our children, helping them become amazing young adults. However, we are trying to adjust and adapt where we can to make sure we do get to do some extra special things. 

As a staff team, we are very aware that due to the regulations of the second lockdown children are not able to go to clubs, keep up sports and meet with friends. With the dark, winter nights closing in this also makes being active a challenge. Therefore, this term we shall be prioritising the physical and mental health of our children.  We'll be making more time in the curriculum for children to be active, be outside and play with their friends.  This may mean that children don't get through quite as much of the curriculum as normal, however. the well-being of our children must be a priority.


Our school came together to mark Armistice Day and take part in a socially distanced two-minute silence on the school playground.


It was lovely to be able to bring all the bubbles together for such an important moment in time!

Finally, we should like to take this opportunity to note the passing of one of the most truly inspirational teachers we have ever had the pleasure of working at our school. Mrs Lucas inspired and touched the lives of so many local children and adults during her time teaching at Berrynarbor. Her dedication to the profession and our school ensured every child that crossed her path made excellent progress. She gave so much of her own time to additional revision clubs and extra-curricular activities. Many events she introduced are still run by staff now. She will remain in many people's hearts and minds forever. A true Berrynarbor Legend!

We were so sad to hear that Nanny June had passed away over the half term. She was such a large part of the school and local community. Nothing was ever too much trouble and she always had time to talk and see how everyone was. Nanny June would come into school regularly to hear readers and was also always there to serve tea and coffee at every event. Sometimes she would just turn up at school with a smile and KitKat!

She will be very much missed by both adults and children

Faye Poynter - Co-Headteacher




It's nice to be back at school after 6 months of lockdown. We all feel very safe back in this environment, but things are a bit different.

We have to go to school at different times depending on our houses, there are three time slots at the beginning and the end of the day. Our lessons are the same, however, now our teachers come to our classroom instead of us going to them. We have to stay in our 'bubbles' so we don't get to see the other year groups very often. 

We wash our hands all the time! 

Since the start of term, Year 6's have completed their Bikeability course and are all now safe on the road. All of the Reception children have joined and are happy in school, loving their lessons.

We have had 2 puppies visit school.  One was a jack and the other one was a sausage dog crossed with a terrier. The whole school got to see and play with them, as we are doing an English topic on puppies. 

Everyone is enjoying being with friends again. 

Written by Rosie and Ruby, Year 6.



How were your first 3 months of 2020? We began ours with a 45-minute cross country run around Mill Park! The weather stayed dry and sunny and we raised an incredible £1500, a portion of which went to the North Devon Hospice.

Another highlight was watching Ilfracombe Academy's performance of We Will Rock You. We were seriously impressed by their talent. 

World Book Day this year was phenomenal! We all dressed up as word warriors and had to solve the mystery of which a member of staff had been pilfering from our extensive lexicon of superior vocabulary! The day made us recognise how important language is and how powerful words can be. 

At this time of year our excitement is building as our residentials are coming up. We will tell you all about those adventures in our next update. 

Berrynarbor School Pupil Leaders



What a busy two months! The lead up to Christmas is always frantic and brim full of exciting things.

Our highlights were the School Choir singing at Exeter Cathedral, Alder Class cooking a full Christmas Dinner for our annual Senior Dudes' Meal, the Walking Nativity - in the Manor Hall due to the weather - the Lantern Competition, Christingle, the KS1 Christmas Play, the whole school Christmas Dinner and an Assembly where our music students performed on their chosen instruments!

One of our pupils spent four months travelling the world and we enjoyed keeping up with his journey and learning more about the countries he visited.

Now most of the glitter has been swept away we can focus on the events of 2020. We have an exciting year coming up and look forward to telling you all about what we've been up to.

Berrynarbor School Pupil Leaders



It is nearly the end of a busy term and it has been a great one!  Our children [and grown-ups] have worked hard all year and the end of term assessments and performances reflect this hard work.

At the beginning of July, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children joined together to perform an awesome performance of Rock Bottom at The Landmark Theatre.  A couple of weeks later, children in Year 2 to Year 6 joined with children from West Down School for a shared musical extravaganza.  Ilfracombe Academy allowed us to use their inspiring venue and their school band supported our children to perform individually and in groups showcasing their musical talents.  The evening ended with all the children singing and playing their musical instruments together.

Sports day was great: perfect weather, lots of parents supporting and, of course. children supporting each other to have a go and do their best. 

Mulberry and Aspen Classes had a great day at Exmoor Zoo as part of their Jungle and Rainforests topic.  Pine Class went to Beam House for a residential trip. Year 2 children joined with Year 2 from West Down School for their first sleep-over in readiness for the many residential opportunities on offer as they enter KS2 in September.  All the children have had fun time learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Our new children have been in to visit us and get to know their teachers ready for starting school in September.  We're looking forward to welcoming them to the school. 

Next week we say goodbye to our Year 6 children.   This is always a time of mixed emotions.  We are sad to say goodbye but very proud of them and excited to see them move on to the next stage of education.  We all wish them well in the future and hope they'll stay in touch.

Sue Carey - Headteacher




We have a lot to look forward to this term and hope that the lovely sunny weather we are currently having will continue.

Our KS1 children are learning about the life cycle. They currently have caterpillars awaiting to make cocoons, eggs in an incubator and frogspawn. Spring really is an exciting season with everything bursting into life!

Our Y3/4 children recently travelled to the Roman Baths in Bath and are now looking forward to their residential trip to Beam House.

As we write, our Year 5 and 6 children are sitting their SATS exams. They are all doing an amazing job! After this week they will all be able to relax and enjoy starting to learn the script for their production in June.

After such a successful meal for the Senior Dudes, Years 5 and 6 students will host a meal for their parents. They will spend the day preparing the meal and then dress up and serve in the evening.

They also enjoyed their residential to London. It is a great experience; seeing a show, travelling on the underground and visiting the sights of the city.

As we move further into the term, our KS2 children will have the exciting opportunity to see a performance by the BBC Orchestra and a trip for Y3/4 to the Mix Festival. This is a large musical event where schools have the opportunity to listen to and take part in musical workshops.

Sports Day is just around the corner and in the coming weeks the children will be busy practising.

We have our PTFA Summer Fayre on the 5th July. We should love to see members of the community there. Please keep an eye out for posters with more information.

We are also planning a Wish Fish display for which the Village Shop have kindly given us space. The Wish Fishes' scales will show items that the school can use to enhance the curriculum - our PTFA hope that parents and friends of the school will take a scale and donate the items listed. We already have a very generous donation of some computing peripherals but other scales will list smaller items - for example the ingredients needed to make playdough - or things that we should like help making, for example outdoor cushions for a reading den.

It has been a busy year with lots of positive improvements. Our new school uniform and federation logo was part of our work on developing a strong ethos and vision for our schools. This vision and associated values have started to embed and we are very proud of what the children have achieved. Our teachers are busy making plans for next year which involve more subject specific teaching for KS2 children and hopefully more opportunities for links with our local community. If you'd like to get involved with school life please let us know. We welcome volunteers and can organise the necessary safeguarding checks and induction training.

From the staff and pupils, we wish everyone a safe and happy summer. Sue Carey - Headteacher


Our Vision and Values

"Streams today, oceans tomorrow"

Our Vision:

Being the best that we can be; committed to making a difference.

         A holistic curriculum which engages and excites through creativity and curiosity. Opening windows onto the world.

Develop independent, collaborative, motivated, self-reflective learners, through excellent teaching and learning

Give every child the opportunity to become self-assured, confident and compassionate; able to have a fulfilled life.


The West Berry Family - working together

to broaden horizons and constantly improve the outcomes

for each of our children

Our Values:



Freedom Honesty Justice



Responsibility Integrity Co-operation



Questioning Bravery Self-assurance



Hope Determination Perseverance



Forgiveness Humility Patience



Calm Inner Strength Flourish



Questioning Reasoning Growth Mindset.



Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you all had a great festive season.

Our Senior Dudes' Meal was a huge success! The children thoroughly enjoyed preparing and serving to their grandparents and the community. The hall and tables were decorated beautifully and added to the ambience, and the singing at the end really finished off such a lovely evening. Thank you to all who came along to such a wonderful community event.

The Walking Nativity was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all, with the addition of a donkey! We finished the evening by warming up in The Globe with mulled wine and tea/coffee. Guitarists, ukuleleists, a saxophonist and pianists performed Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Merry Christmas Everyone. We closed the evening with the choir singing Mistletoe and Wine and Merry Christmas Everybody. We should like to thank The Globe for allowing us to use their family room and providing warming refreshments!

We should also like to say another big thank you to The Globe for donating the takings from their Christmas Raffle, £250, towards our playground renovations.

Thank you to everyone that supported our Tesco Bags of Help. We are just waiting to hear the outcome and will keep you posted. The children have come back to school refreshed and ready for the new Spring Term.

As a Federation we have increased our involvement with musical events. During the Autumn Term children performed at Exeter Cathedral and they took part in an all-day workshop with Debbie Kent [the founder of the Teachers Rock Youth Choir] and Bazil Mead [the Founder of the London Gospel Choir]. 270 children and 100 adults from schools across Devon performed to an audience of 700 people. The tickets sold out in less than three weeks. This was an amazing opportunity for the children.

We also have several events coming up this term:

Beaford Arts Community Event - Performing, Tiny Heroes and my choirs from both Schools will come together to perform on the 8th February in the Manor Hall.

Spring Music Concert - every musician at Berrynarbor will play their instrument, ranging from guitar, ukulele, saxophone and piano. The school choir will also perform some songs and then there will be a grand finale with everyone singing and playing together. [Date and place to be confirmed.]

Exeter Cathedral Choristers outreach programme - singing with 40 children, from Years 4 to year 6, from each School and a grand performance, 2nd March at Exeter Cathedral, with one song being sung by 80 children all together from the Federation. And they will also sing three songs with children from other schools who are taking part in the outreach programme.

Teachers Rock Youth Choir, Spring and Summer Project with Debbie Kent - five rehearsals in each term, in a local school and then the final performance at The Grand Hall, University of Exeter on the 7th July with an audience of 1500!

We are looking for volunteers to help in the school with gardening and reading. We are also short of lunchtime supervisors [this is a paid role]. If you have any spare time and would like to help, please call the office on 883493.

Later this year we'll be holding an Aspirations event for our oldest children. We are hoping to find people to come and talk to the children about the many exciting things that they might like to do in later life. If you or someone you know have experiences that you would like to share with the children, please get in touch and help us to inspire the next generation.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the school.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



It has been a very busy term so far with lots to look forward to. The Schools have been thinking about our new adopted values and how we can relate these to Bible stories in Art and RE Week. The finished stories will be on display in the School along with a display of our values and new logo.

Some of the art work also ended up in the Pannier Market in Barnstaple as part of a wreath making competition, with our new strap line Streams today, Oceans tomorrow. Look out for it on the roof of the Pannier Market. The wreaths are 2m by 2m and will be suspended above the ceiling using chains. The fish were made by Pine Class and Oak Class, and over 100 baubles were used to decorate it.


We have launched a new programme to help the children to learn how to maintain good mental health. We are running a training session for parents and any interested adults on 22nd January, 6.30pm in The Globe. You do not have to have a child in school to join us.

Christmas preparations are underway and we are looking forward to our annual Walking Nativity on December 14th from 6.00 p.m. Come and join us as we tell the story of Christmas whilst walking through the village, returning to The Globe for the musical finale.

Please help our School whilst shopping at Tesco in Ilfracombe, we are entered for the Bags of Help competition, which is running through November and December. We desperately need funds to help with our playground renovations. As a school, Berrynarbor could win up to £4000 which could transform the outdoor space for all our children. Make sure you pop the token in the section for Berrynarbor School.

Please join us for our annual Christmas Fair at the Manor Hall on Tuesday 4th December. Pop along for a raffle ticket, Christmas cupcakes and lots more!

Don't forget to sign your name up for the Senior Dudes meal on the sheet in the Village Shop. The 6th December, for a four-course meal, prepared, cooked and served by the children in Alder Class in the Manor Hall. A treat not to be missed!

From all at West Berry Federation, we wish you a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.



A new school year, new children, a new member of staff and many other new things to get familiar with this Autumn. First of all, we welcome Sophie Muggleston as our Schools Direct student for the year. She will be working mostly in Key Stage 1.

Building works

No doubt, you will have seen the builders in and out during the summer break. The local authority had funded and organised some extensive work to repair a very damp wall in Class 3. When the walls were uncovered, the contractors found some structural defects so the works were delayed. The room is now safe, dry, functional and in use. The plastering and painting will be completed during the half term break at the end of October. Needless to say, this made the days before term started rather frantic, but everyone pulled together so that we were ready for the children on the first day of term.

What an exciting day that first day was as everyone, except the new children in the Reception Class and their staff, walked up to the end of Barton Lane to watch the Cycle Tour of Britain pass by.

We went to watch the cycle race and cheer them on. We used musical instruments and flags. The instruments were bells, drums and tambourines.

I think the cyclists were very brave. It was hard work and they looked tired and sweaty. Lilie


School Uniform

You might have noticed that the children are wearing different uniform than previously. The Governors had been discussing a change in uniform so there was continuity across the two schools. The decision was hastened along when various suppliers ceased stocking our uniforms. Now the children across both Schools have been grouped into Houses and wear coloured polo shirts to denote which House they belong to. These are teamed with light grey jumpers, charcoal grey trousers and skirts, with gingham dresses in House colours an alternative option.

School logo

There is also a new school logo, as heads this article.

Class Names

Reception and Year 1 is now Mulberry Class [formerly Strawberry class]

Year 2 is now Aspen Class [formerly Cranberry]

Years 3 & 4 are now Pine Class [formerly Blueberry]

Years 5 and 6 are now Alder Class [formerly Elderberry]

The children will be learning about these trees over the course of the year.

School Values

Throughout the year, the children will also be exploring our newly agreed school values. Our values are:

         Truth - honesty, freedom and justice

         Respect - responsibility, integrity, co-operation

         Courage - questioning, bravery, self-assurance

         Endurance - hope, determination, perseverance

         Compassion - forgiveness, humility, patience

         Confidence - flourish, inner strength, calm

         Curiosity - questioning, reasoning, growth mind-set

These values will be the backbone to learning, achievement and mind-set, they will be entrenched throughout the school. This will be visible during collective worship, recognised through personal achievements and rewards, and be the common thread that binds Berrynarbor School and West Down School together. The aim of a clear Ethos and Vision is to create a shared goal which can then be used to identify strengths and can also be a building block to create well rounded children ready for the wide world.

Camping Out

Alder and Pine Classes each had a camp-out night with their counterparts from West Down during the first week of term. Alder had a Wild Night Out at Stowford starting with a day of activities including swimming and followed by a night under canvas. Pine had a night under canvas at Watermouth Cove followed by a day of water-based activities. Great fun was had by all despite the rain in the evening and overnight.

Exciting Auditions

Towards the end of August, the Teachers Rock Choir and the Teachers Rock Youth Choir auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. Our very own Mrs Barrow, Fiona, George, Isabel, Benjamin, Ruby and Roxanna are members of the Choirs. Debbie Kent the choir leader writes:

"Obviously, there are no guarantees with 'reality' TV shows such as these, but Thames TV personnel were so impressed they are going to do their very best to promote our mission and help support our application to the shortlisting process for the live shows. Their final words 'What you are doing is unique, we have never seen anything like this before, you are what this show is all about'."

The Year Ahead

We are all getting back into the swing of things and are looking forward to developing the new as well as building on what is already established. The children are enjoying their after-school Sports Clubs, Music Clubs and Sewing Club. Once again, we should just like to say thank you to you all as a community for the support given to the School.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



After the Half Term break the end of the school year seems to have stampeded towards us, packed full of events and activities.


In June, Blueberry Class had a very hot couple of days at Beam House. They enjoyed a variety of outdoor and water activities including body boarding and trapeze. Elderberry Class ventured a little further afield and spent 4 days at a centre in Okehampton. They, too, had a variety of outdoor activities such as low and high ropes, archery, kayaking and rock climbing. Cranberry Class had a sleepover with their counterparts at West Down School.


This term has been full of music. Class 3 went to the Mix Festival where they experienced a variety of music styles. Throughout this school year, many of our children have been learning to play an instrument either with one of the tutors who visit school, or an external tutor. Instruments range through violin, cello, piano, saxophone, guitar and ukulele. Some children also have singing lessons with Mrs. Barrow, and 5 have been involved in the county-wide Teachers Rock Choir. There have been various opportunities for the children to perform in assemblies, at the school fete, and at school concerts. Some played ukulele and guitar with their tutor, Joe Steer, at Lee Village Fete.

Our concert choir had a very special evening performing at the Military Wives Concert in the village church.

The Military Wives Concert was a great success. There were 15 of us in the school choir. We sang "Fix You" in 2 parts arranged by Debbie Kent, and "Let it Be" arranged by Mrs. Barrow, and Mrs. Gill accompanied us on piano. We had massive applause from the audience, and many people complimented us. In the Finale we sang "Any Dream Will Do" with the Military Wives and Berrynarbor Village Choir. The whole experience was amazing!

Ruby B.

Super Sam

After completing SATs, Elderberry Class had just 4 weeks to learn lines and get into character for their musical Super Sam. Their hard work paid off as they performed it brilliantly in the Landmark Theatre to an audience of parents, siblings and friends who all booed, laughed, cheered and clapped throughout the evening.

Ahoy There!

Reception and Key Stage 1 children have had Pirates as their topic this term. They have investigated floating and sinking using a variety of objects and materials. To broaden their understanding of things nautical they have looked at the structure of a fish and explored rock pool habitats on a Beach Safari in Combe Martin, when they also heard about some local coastal history. Maps have been used to locate treasure and the children have learnt about some famous pirates and life at sea. We hope you like the motley crew of pirate puppets pictured below, each endowed with unique personality by its maker.

Reception & Year 1

Year 2

Summer Fete

This was a great evening with plenty of activities to keep everyone amused and entertained. The lovely weather was a bonus, with the Manor Hall and its outside space such an ideal venue. Thank you to everyone who supported this event.

School Grounds

The improvements to the playground are well under way. The children are enjoying the new climbing wall and various other bits and pieces. The gardens have been productive and children have enjoyed sampling freshly podded peas.

Farewell, Adieu and Hello

It's that time of year again when we say farewell to our eldest children. There are 14 moving on to senior school in September. We shall miss them as they have contributed to our school community in so many ways, for example, serving on School Council, serving fruit at dinner times, looking out for the younger children and being good book buddies as they enjoy reading books with the youngest children. As they move on with our best wishes for the next stage of their lives, we welcome 12 little ones into the school. They have been visiting Class 1 for an afternoon a week through June and July so that they will be coming in to something familiar in September.



We have builders in over the holidays to rejuvenate parts of the building so there will be some comings and goings over the next few weeks, hopefully with minimal disruption to village life. Thank you once again for all the support you have given to us throughout the past school year and we hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



The Summer Term started with a variety of activities on the calendar including sporting events, educational trips and making music, to name a few.

Class 3 trip to the Eden Project

We visited the scorching hot dome at the Eden Project. In the dome they had lots of beautiful plants. Some were soft and silky. Some were rough and spikey! When you first walk in you feel the heat difference. It is so hot. There are lots of fruit such as bananas, hard coconuts and pineapples. My favourite part of the day was looking very closely at the teeny tiny really juicy pineapples. They looked so juicy I could just have eaten them. As we walked up higher it got hotter. Near the top there is a wobbly bridge to go across and another bridge where you are sprayed with water. It was so nice! I would recommend a day at the Eden Project because of the amazing things there. It is so much fun! Fiona and Emma

Key Stage 1 visit to Arlington Court

We went to Arlington Court and went pond dipping. It was great fun. We found a dragonfly's cocoon and lots of tadpoles. The Rangers with us for the day were Paul and Jess. We also learnt about habitats and life cycles. The cycle starts with the sunshine and the plants get their power to grow from the sun. The rabbit eats the plants and then the fox eats the rabbit. Emily


There are many music activities ongoing. Some children have group or individual tuition for guitar, ukulele, piano and singing. Pupils of

Joe Steer showcased their guitar and ukulele skills earlier this year.

Mrs. Barrow has two choirs who will hopefully be performing to the school later this term. One of the choirs, the Concert Choir, is busy rehearsing for the Military Wives' Concert in July. There are also six children involved with the Teachers' Rock Choir, an exciting venture. Here is an excerpt from the press release.

Teachers Rock Youth Choir record their first professional 'live in session' album alongside Teachers Rock and Rev Bazil Meade MBE. On Saturday 14th April, 125 young people [aged 8-13yrs] from across the South West joined together for their first ever recording session as the Teachers Rock Youth Choir.

"The pleasure of seeing young children singing with enjoyment written all over their little faces is high on my list of good experiences, a most important ingredient of that moment is having an inspired tutor guiding them.

Debbie Kent is excellent with children." [Rev. Bazil Meade MBE]

The Teachers Rock Youth Choir is a new vocal development programme initiated by Teachers Rock founder Debbie Kent. It offers young people unique learning experiences enabling them to participate in high quality, transformational vocal programmes which broaden and deepen their musical understanding and help support the development of their musical creativity.

The Teachers Rock debut album featuring the Teachers Rock Youth Choir is due for release next month. To keep up to date with all the latest news subscribe to the Teachers Rock website: The Teachers Rock Youth Choir are also on twitter @TRY2cool4school and Instagram: try2cool4school

Playground Developments

We had a Pride in our School Day one Saturday in May when parents and friends worked hard to spruce up the school grounds and put in place some of the new equipment in the playground.


Both Key Stage 2 classes have residential trips planned, and Year 2 will be having a sleepover with their partner class at West Down School.

Ethos and Vision Day

This is a new venture for us, the children of Berrynarbor and West Down Schools joining together to take part in a variety of activities, including art and craft, outdoor team building, and other workshops. The aim of the day is that it will help us to identify and celebrate our shared values as a federation.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher

Events in the Bible - Elderberry Class [10/11]






Well, what an interesting Spring Term it has been with many different activities on the go, including swimming lessons at Ilfracombe pool for all except the Reception children, gymnastics in Barnstaple for Year 4 children, trips out to both Exeter and Combe Martin Wild Life Park, developments in the playground and, of course, three days closure due to snow! In amongst all that, the children and staff have been getting on with all the everyday things that make up school life.

Blueberry Class Exeter Trip

When we visited Exeter, we went to St Peter's cathedral. It looked old and crumbly. We were split into two groups and had a tour guide. He took us on an amazing tour. We saw a massive organ and some amazing chambers. Outside there were statues. One was of incredible St. Peter. The other statues were of angels and people from the Bible. Lots of the chambers had people buried in them so people could honour them. They had a cathedral cat that guarded the clock. On the way out we saw a massive Lego model of the cathedral. They have been building it for three years. We then drew pictures of famous St Peter's Cathedral. We then walked to the museum to find out about Egypt and the rare Egyptian tomb of Shepenmut. There were lots of rare Egyptian items and hieroglyphic writing on the walls. The Egyptian things were very special. After we had seen all the Egyptian things we went to the shop and bought a few things. When we had finished we were all tired but amazed. Emma and Fiona

School Council

is a team of children from year 2 to year 6. We have meetings every Thursday to discuss what is best for our school. The reason we have school council is to make our school a better place. In our meetings we discuss loads of different things to improve our school. Some of the things we talk about are: fund raisers, how to save money, playground development and much more. In our meetings Mrs. Gill helps us discuss everything. We also have a suggestions box that anyone in the whole school can pop a note in about things they want to happen or things they are concerned about. We all feel proud that we are on the school council and that we are making a difference to our wonderful school.

Vincent and Dillon

Women's' World Day of Prayer We were going to use excerpts from this service (prepared by ladies in Suriname) in our assembly on 2nd March. Its theme of looking after our world is applicable to our school as we try to reduce, recycle and reuse our refuse. Unfortunately, we were closed on the day due to snow. However, we are hoping to use the material in future assemblies.

World Book Day

his event on 1st March was another that was snowed off. We held it the following week and had a great day celebrating and enjoying books. There were many different characters in school as pupils and staff dressed up as their favourite book character. The children had the opportunity for an extended time of story writing, a rare luxury in the everyday, crowded curriculum. There was also a Book Swap where children brought in a book they had enjoyed but no longer needed and swapped it for one they had not yet read.


Aslan from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


Harry Potter


Playground Development

We are currently redeveloping part of our playground area to provide a variety of areas for play. We are very grateful to the Round Table who have given a generous donation to pay for the materials for a climbing wall. The P.T.F.A. have committed all monies raised this year to go towards the playground improvements, so please support their events as much as you can.

There are still many other items that we are looking for: clean guttering / pipes, wood, tyres, paint [suitable for outdoors], kitchen equipment to use in mud kitchens - measuring jugs, sieves, bowls, pots and pans, utensils etc., cable reels, palettes, toys such as vehicles, happyland, animals, people, bricks, plastic crates, etc.

If you are able to donate anything on the list it would be much appreciated. We are also looking for people to donate some time to help build, paint and improve the playgrounds. If you are able to lend a hand, or want to find out more, please talk to the staff in the school office.

Ethos and Vision

The West Berry Federation is convening an Ethos and Vision Committee to set and implement the vision for both schools and to celebrate and underpin Berrynarbor School's Christian distinctiveness.
We should like to welcome a member of the community to join this committee as the ethos and vision of the school reaches not just the pupils, staff and parents but also out into the wider community.
If you are interested or wish to hear more about this please contact




Although 2018 is now well under way, we'd like to send New Year greetings from us all at the village school. The final weeks of last term were full of Christmas activities and enjoyment, with performances, choir items, Christmas dinner, community events and lantern making, to mention a few.

Senior Dudes' Meal

elderberry Class traditionally puts on a meal for their grandparents and senior citizens in the community.We spent the day preparing the meal and people started arriving at 6.00 p.m.We started serving the food at 6.30 p.m. They loved the food and having us serve them. We also sang carols to them.We were given a box of Celebrations as a thank you, and money was donated which will go towards next year's Senior Dudes' Meal.Alex A

Walking Nativity

On Wednesday 13th December we had our Walking Nativity. even though the weather was extremely miserable, we still had lots of fun! We stopped at many different places in the village and sang lots of different Christmas Carols. Our final stop was in the barn where we sang "Away in a Manger", "Silent Night" and "We wish you a merry Christmas". We would like to thank everyone in the community who came to it! Thank you!

Dillon and Sophie

It certainly was an enjoyable evening and we'd like to thank

Dave Spelman for playing the guitar to accompany our carol singing. We'd also like to thank Chris and Barbara Gubb for the use of their barn for refreshments and our final sing accompanied on ukuleles and guitars played by some of the children. We hope the cattle were entertained!

Village Carol Service

Our School Choir sang at the village Christmas Carol Service. We sang "When a child is born" and "We're walking in the air" accompanied by Mrs. Gill's enthusiastic piano playing.The Berrynarbor Choir was there, too. Our singing teacher, Mrs. Barrow, runs the school choir and conducts all of our performances. She is great with music. Sometimes Stuart Neale also helps us with things and gets us in tune. We had three children, Benjamin, Ruby and Rosie singing "Once in Royal David's City" as they walked up the aisle. May, George and Isabel read out a Bible reading. The service ended with refreshments and we all had a great time.

Ruby B, Rosie T and Isabel.

Christmas Fair

Thank you to all who supported this. It was a lovely social time and we hope you enjoyed it, too.

The year ended with a fond farewell to Mrs. Mcentee who has taught at the school for many years. We shall miss her humour and turn of phrase but wish her a very happy retirement. There was also a joyful hello to a little boy born to Mrs. Orr and her husband just a few days before Christmas, another grandson for Graham and Carol Lucas.

Now our attention is on the term ahead of us. There has been some shuffling around of teaching staff with Mrs. Poynter, our Deputy Head, and Mrs. Kentall teaching elderberries, our oldest children. Mr. Jones is teaching Cranberries in the mornings and running booster groups for some of our older children in the afternoons here at Berrynarbor and at West Down school.Mrs. Barrow is teaching Strawberries and Cranberries some afternoons each week and will be having some music fun with various groups across the week.

The children from Year 1 through to Year 6 will be having swimming lessons this half term. There are also music clubs, football clubs and a sewing club starting up as after-school activities. So, as you can see it's going to be busy!

Sue Carey - Headteacher



We've had a busy time at school this autumn with many different activities alongside the regular curriculum. Here are some of them.

Harvest Festival

On Thursday 5th October we had our Harvest Festival. The whole school really enjoyed singing their songs and doing group performances. Personally, I enjoyed singing "Conkers" the most, and we raised the roof of the church! It was one of the best Harvest Festivals ever!May

Big Bang Event

On 6th October Elderberries (Years 5 & 6) went to Torrington.First, we went to the big hall where there were numerous people with lots of inventions. Thomas almost won a Lego building competition. Then we went to another hall where a crazy scientist showed us magic tricks using science. Afterwards we went to a classroom and did tests such as blood pressure. We saw a cow's heart, ugh, and made slime out of glue, borax and food colouring. Alex A

Robot Coding

Some children from Year 6 went to West Buckland School to an event organised by teachers there. Bray Lino, an advertising company, were there and helped us to build and code robots. We then put the robots in a maze to see which robot could go fastest. Zac

PTFA Treasure Hunt

After school on 6th October we had a Treasure Hunt at Watermouth Castle. It was comprised of lots of questions placed around the castle grounds and marked by balloons. Participants had to write the answers down on one of two sheets of paper (one for adults and one for children). The children had to look for clues to answer the questions. The adults' questions often included trivia about the local area. Afterwards there were jacket potatoes and soup. (leek and potato made by Mr. Newell, and tomato and basil made by Tia, both equally scrumptious!) As an end to the lovely day, the children crowded on to the merry-go-round and begged for 20p's from the adults to make it go round! Altogether it was a fab time, and I hope it will be held again next year. Isabel

School Choir

Our school choir sang at the wedding of Tia and Michael. We sang our own version of "Hallelujah" with special words for a wedding and Mrs. Gill played the church organ. There were 12 people in the choir, and the church was full of people. We all felt very nervous when we were about to sing because everyone was listening to us.It went well, though, and we had a great time singing at the wedding. Ruby B and Rosie T

Art Week

The children enjoyed taking part in an Escher Style Art week. We had help from Ruth and Doug Burton, both established artists and parents to two of our pupils. Ruth has had work displayed at an Escher exhibition.

The children were able to experience tessellation whilst making their own pictures using Escher's intricate shapes and designs. Each class produced a large design that will be varnished and then displayed in the outdoor classroom as we are making this into a Maths learning area. Doug also worked with the children to make 'brush bots'. These robotic brushes created their own designs and were battery powered.



We should like to wish you all the best over Christmas and into the New Year. Many thanks to you all for the support given to the school throughout 2017.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher




The new school year is now well under way. Last September we welcomed 9 girls and 4 boys into the Reception Class. This year the tables have turned and we have welcomed in 3 girls and 9 boys. What a difference a year makes!

They are settling in to school routines and enjoying their topic of Once Upon a Time, along with the children in Year 1. Many of them have an older sibling further up the school and, at least one, a parent who attended the school when they were young.

The Junior aged children in Classes 3 and 4 had their usual night out camping in the first week of term. Blueberry Class camped at Watermouth Cove and were very glad of their food marquee when the rain set in. It made a cosy venue to sit and chat during the evening. Elderberry class went to Stowford for their Wild Night Out. It certainly lived up to its name with the wind and rain. After a late settling down for the night, the torrential rain and distant rumbles of thunder woke everyone at around 4.00 a.m. so there were not many hours of sleep for anyone! Thankfully, they had the weekend to recover and dry out.

Year 6, our oldest children, have a few interesting events planned this term from Creative and Problem Solving at West Buckland, to The Big Bang at Torrington School.

We also have a few PTFA events on the calendar, such as a Treasure Hunt at Watermouth Castle and a Movie Night that all the children will be able to enjoy and we're planning ahead for Christmas already. This year we hope to invite members of the community to join us for a Walking Nativity around the village.  Please look out for posters nearer the time.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



So, we have come to the end of another school year with the final few weeks a bustle of sports events, educational day trips, the Summer Fayre, residential trips, a theatre performance, Year 6 visits to their future secondary schools, our September intake making weekly afternoon visits to class 1 and then, on the last day of term, the Leavers' Assembly and Presentation of Awards with our Year 6 children making their farewell speeches. It was definitely a celebration tinged with sadness but full of hope and expectation for the future.

In amongst all this business the children have still been concentrating on their academic studies. Here is one of the poems Cranberry Class [class 2] have written:


Our School Garden

Fresh air hitting my face.

Sun burning hot.

White fluffy grey clouds

Whooshing through the air.


Stream flowing nearby

Creating a relaxing sound,

With flowers running down,

Making a whooshing sound.


Short grass,

Just been cut,

Creating a lovely smell

Slowly whooshing in my face.


Birds tweeting in the trees

Watching over me as I pass.

Singing lovely lullabies.

Seeking worms their quest.


Leaves fluttering through the air.

Leaves dropping behind us.

Lovely, colourful leaves.

Falling to the ground.


Shadows are on the ground

Following you around,

Copying everything you do,

Always reflecting you.


We'd like to say a big thank you to all who came to our Summer Fayre, especially those who donated prizes or helped out at the event. It was a lovely evening in all ways. The weather was perfect so we were able to utilise the outside space as well as inside the Manor Hall and there was plenty for everyone to do, from games to tombola, to a Prize Draw. Always popular, the photo booth had a great selection of whacky items to put on before striking a pose. There was plenty to sustain the inner man, too, with a barbecue, beer tent, tea, coffee and cakes.

In late June, some of Elderberry Class went on a residential trip to London and had a great time visiting a variety of interesting places as well as spending an evening at the theatre. Those who didn't go to London spent three days doing special activities locally. Midway through July Blueberry Class went to Beam House for two nights and had a great time doing a variety of outdoor activities. The younger children in Cranberry

Class [year 2] had a sleepover with their counterparts at West Down School. For some this was their first night away from family, so it helped that they were in a familiar place with staff they knew well.

Once SATs were over, Years 5 and 6 started rehearsing for their play Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. Earlier in the year there was uncertainty about the venue for the performance but, happily, they were able to use the Landmark Theatre, so had the full experience of performing on a proper stage with all the props and technical details that entails. What a fantastic evening - it was full of song, drama and laughter! Well done to them all and to Mr. Jones and Mrs. Davies who coached and guided them.

Blueberry Class spent a brilliant day at Combe Martin on a Sea Safari and would like to thank Combe Martin Museum who organised such an interesting day.

There is so much more we could share with you. The results of the younger children's Growing Grub project filled their classroom with the earthy, fresh smell of carrots, beetroots and other vegetables just harvested from the garden. Sports Day was a great success and we were blessed with ideal weather. Earlier in June, some of the older children learnt safe cycling skills with Bikeability.

We are all looking forward to our summer break and wish our Year 6 children well as they leave us to move on to their secondary education. They have been an important part of our school community and we shall miss them.

We hope you all have a lovely summer and, once again, thank you for all the support you give to the school.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



What wonderful weather we have had through April and May. The children have been making the most of it with many outdoor activities.

The Celebration of Learning for Strawberry and Cranberry Classes at the end of last term was an evening Star Gazing with their families. A great time was had by all and everyone was very grateful for the telescopes that someone had lent.They really enhanced the experience.

On the first day of the new term they went on a Spring Walk around the village. One of the children said it was the best day ever.

Growing Grub is their topic this half term, so part of the school garden will be an area where the children can grow their own produce.There have been Digging Days for each of the three Year Groups when parents and grandparents came into school to work alongside the children in the garden.They are concentrating on growing edibles at the moment, but will be looking ahead to refurbishing flowerbeds and banks. If any of you have young shrubs, perennials, etc., that might be suitable, then Mrs. Wellings would love to hear from you.

Our older children in Key Stage 2 have also been having a busy time with Football Tournaments, Speed Stacking and other sporty things. As a treat for all the hard work the children in Year 5 had done, they had a Wheelie Day early in May when they brought scooters, bikes, wheelies and skateboards into school. They had great fun in the afternoon zooming around the playground.

During May, Years 2 & 6 had their statutory assessments. We are proud of the hard work they have put in and know, that although for some it is an anxious time, they have all tried their best.

In the last issue of the Newsletter, we mentioned our Question of the Week. Here are some more examples of the mind teasers posed each week.

Would you rather be brave and poor, or cowardly and rich?

Can you ever know what it is like to be someone else?

Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?

Can you touch a rainbow?

Can you cast a shadow in a dark room?

Would you rather be an ant or a spider? Why?

Wednesday 26th April marked 20 Years of Service at our school by Mrs. Sophie Bird, one of our Teaching Assistants.The depth of affection the children have for her was evident in the way even the very youngest children managed to keep secret the events planned for the day. At the Morning Assembly there was a presentation of cards and gifts, and at lunchtime we ate al-fresco together in the playground. This was followed by an afternoon of games and sports on the playing field. To top it all off the weather was glorious!

As we move into the second half of the Summer Term, the children are looking forward to residential trips, sports day, Elderberry Class performance and many other events. Year 6 children will be visiting their future Secondary Schools and we shall have our September Intake visiting us regularly each week.

We shall soon be counting and sending off the Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers, redeeming them for sports equipment. If you have any lurking around, please drop them into us.

School Fete

The annual School Fete will be held at the Manor Hall on Tuesday, 4th July. Please look for posters nearer the time.

Governor Vacancy

One of our very valued Governors, Colin Humphrey, has decided to retire from the Board of Governors here at West Berry Federation. We thank Colin for all his time and dedication while serving. This leaves a vacancy for a Co-opted Governor. The Board operates as one body across both Berrynarbor and West Down Primary Schools. You don't need any specific qualifications [full training is provided]. but you must be aged 18 or over, with an interest in helping to monitor and raise standards even higher in our already Outstanding schools. We are very keen to recruit individuals with a range of skills on our Governing Board and therefore welcome applications from all walks of life. If you would like more information please e-mail our Clerk, Natalie Stanbury: or call Berrynarbor School

[01271] 883493 or West Down School [01271] 863461.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



It seems unbelievable that we are more than half way through this current school year and planning ahead for events in the Summer Term. Meanwhile there has been plenty going on. For example, the past month or so has seen various activities where parents have spent time in the classroom with their children.

Magical Maths


This was a great time when parents enjoyed a morning of Maths with the children. Here are some of their comments:

"Good to see children having fun doing Maths." "Brilliant. Lovely to see all the different ways to learn." "Maths isn't something to be afraid of!"

World Book Day

In early March we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme this year was Myths and Legends. Parents joined the children for part of the morning and, together, they explored the range of book inspired group activities set up around the school. The children also held a Book Swap bringing in books they no longer needed and swapping them with each other.

Parent Teacher Meetings Parents and teachers have spent time talking over their children's progress and looking at the next steps.

Celebration of Learning We are hoping that the weather will be kind to us towards the end of March as Key Stage 1 have an evening of Stargazing with their parents planned for the celebration of learning. This will round off their Space Topic brilliantly.

Swimming Gala A group of children from Key Stage 2 represented Berrynarbor in the Ilfracombe Inter-school Swimming Gala. They swam well and showed great sportsmanship.

Question of the Week Over the past few months the children have been given a weekly question to ponder over. The subject matter has been varied and entertaining, hopefully setting brains thinking and provoking debate. What would your thoughts and answers be to the following?

Class Target

Each Class is set a weekly target to aim for. Here are a few:

•To be more organised personally

•To always be listening for instructions

•To show that you are putting in your best effort

•To fill the silence with thought not talk

Audits and Checks

In January, because we are a Church School, we had a SIAMS [Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools]. This was conducted by the local Diocese and we have come away from it with some useful ideas to help further develop our Christian ethos.

A few weeks later there was an administration audit which went very well and, again, left us with pointers to make our systems even better. Early March saw an audit of our Safeguarding Practices. This was also a useful experience as the safety and well-being of our children is of the utmost importance.

Politics and Pounds

As you can see our school is a safe, fun, inspiring and nurturing place for our 93 pupils. However, it isn't an easy site to manage and maintain so keeping it safe for our children eats into the budget. We do not receive any more in our budget than a similar sized modern built school with little expenditure on maintenance. It's true, as you might have heard through the media, all schools are struggling to balance their budgets this year. In Devon, however, schools are facing further cuts alongside rising costs despite having been underfunded for many years due to a historic schools funding formula. Our precious children deserve the best education and our society needs the next generations to be well-rounded, well-educated people, but this will be difficult to achieve without adequate funding. Nationally, our school system is at breaking point. If you visit you will see the scale of the problem. Please add your voice to the case for fair funding in education.

Easter Greetings

As this busy term draws to an end we are enjoying the lengthening daylight hours, the bright spring flowers that are blooming and are looking forward to the Easter break. We should like to thank you for all the support you give to the School and wish you all a Happy Easter.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



New Year greetings to you all from everyone at the Village School. The new term is well under way now, but here are some reflections on happenings before the Christmas break.

Year 6 Friendship Day

Year 6 children had a great time at Ilfracombe Academy on Friendship Day thinking about relationships and transitioning from Primary to Secondary School.

Sports Hall Activities

We trained in the Manor Hall for competitions with James O'Sullivan from Ilfracombe Academy. We tested our running, jumping and throwing abilities. We hope we can do it again next year.

Christingle Service

On Wednesday 7th December we did our Christingle with Reverend Bill. We enjoyed the service and got to eat the food afterwards! After Reverend Bill's explanation on why we do Christingle we made them ourselves. Then we lit the candles on them and sang Away in a Manger. It looked very pretty in the candle light. Altogether it was great and we hope we get the chance to do it again next year. Isabel

Following the service was the PTFA Christmas Fair in the Manor Hall. There was a variety of activities, stalls and, of course, refreshments. A favourite with the children, and their grown-ups, was the dress up photography set up on the stage. As you can see, the staff enjoyed this, too. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and helped raise just over £400.00 towards updating the fitness tail.


Eily and her Grandmother


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Our trip to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at Exeter University was a long ride, but when we got there it was fabulous watching and listening to them. We had to do some interactive things like body percussion and we got to listen to some well- known music. Vincent

Elderberry Class Senior Dudes Christmas Meal

This was held in the Manor Hall on 30th November. We really enjoyed this event as we cooked, served and sang for the Seniors. We have received a lot of thank you letters to say that they really enjoyed it, too. Amber & Lily

Strawberry and Cranberry Nativity

The performance by Strawberry and Cranberry Classes was one to remember! We'd like to say a big well done to all of the children for their super singing and clear speaking voices. Superb dancing too! Thank you to all the teachers, staff and parents who helped to make it such a great success!

Christmas Carol Concert

What better way to end the term and prepare for the holidays than a Christmas Carol Concert in Berrynarbor Church!

On Wednesday 14th December Berrynarbor School held an outstanding carol service for their parents. It was a great turn out led by Canon Michael. The children sang their hearts out until they could sing no more and made everyone proud. Thank you to everyone who came along. We hope you enjoyed it. Finley & Amelia.

So, moving on into the New Year, the children are continuing with swimming lessons at Ilfracombe pool, and the after-school football club with Rosie Smith has resumed. We have World Book Day coming up on

1st February with the theme Myths and Legends. It hardly seems possible that a year has gone by since last year's Book Day when we had the Space Odyssey Planetarium set up in the Manor Hall.

The children in classes 1 and 2 have a Geography based topic this term centred around the location, landmarks, food and culture of China. Class 3 have the Romans as their topic and class 4 the Anglo Saxons.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



What a lovely Autumn it has been, making all our outdoor learning activities so much more pleasurable. As well as the usual curriculum studies, there have been many other events and opportunities for the children to be involved in. I'll let the children tell you about some of them.



Thank you to all the parents who attended. We had a wonderful time to appreciate Harvest and all the hard work the farmers put in. We hope the people who came liked our displays. Finley

Big Bang Event

This was one of the best events I have ever been to. There were loads of exciting experiments; we got to make slime walk on water. We would definitely like to visit Great Torrington School for another event like this.


Journey to the Centre of the Brain

Years 5 and 6 went to a brilliant presentation called "Journey to the Centre of the Brain" - not a very catchy title! - which was performed by Make Believe Arts. This educational play, which took place in West Down Hall, told the children all the things your brain does and how they do it. There were songs to help you learn it and parts where people got to join in. What an excellent way to teach! It was performed by four people and, as you can probably tell, they all had to play several parts each, now, that's clever! Part of why we went was because our topic is Ourselves, meaning our body and what happens. Amelia

Military Wives Concert

It was a great night starting with the Military Wives Choir singing 3 songs and then Berrynarbor Village Choir sang a funny song about the opening of Ascot horse racing track. In the first half we sang a song that I had written the words to, called 'Somewhere in the World'. A lot of people thought it was quite emotional. In the interval we had some snack boxes and a welcome chat after being silent [mostly!] for when the Military Wives Choir and Berrynarbor Choir sang their songs. In the second half the Military Wives sang my favourite song of theirs 'Wherever You Are', and we sang our second song 'This Little Light of Mine', which was a cheerful contrast to our first song. Finally, to end such an amazing evening, all three choirs sang 'Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho' as the grand finale. After that, the school choir were each given a medal saying 'I sang with the Military Wives Choir'. Isabel

PS I would like to thank everyone involved for putting on such an amazing evening.


Bonfire Night

The children in Key Stage One would like to share some of their firework pictures and acrostic poems with you.


Fireworks sparkling in the air.

In the fireworks go.

Right up in the air the fireworks sparkle.

Excited people waiting for fireworks.

What a beautiful sight.

Over the hills, the hills the fireworks go.

Rockets singing in the breeze.

Crackle in the air.

Spreading lights everywhere.

Benjamin [6]


Fireworks whizzing and popping

I like firework time.

Rockets fly up in the air.

Everyone cheers and laughs.

Whoosh! Bang! Go the fireworks.

Off we go to watch the fireworks.

Rockets zooming and whizzing.


Skies full of colour.

Rosie [6]


There have also been ongoing football club, cookery club, choir, music lessons [violin, piano, guitar and ukulele] and since the Half Term break, weekly swimming lessons. Now we are busy preparing for a Spotacular Children in Need Day, the Senior Dudes Meal and all our Christmas events. Term finishes on 16th December this year so there is a lot to pack into just a few weeks.

The children have a Christingle Service in the church on Wednesday,

7th December which will be followed by the PTFA Christmas Fair, held in the Manor Hall. There will be a variety of stalls and activities and we would love to see you there. The PTFA are currently raising funds to update the fitness trail at school.

On the theme of fundraising, a huge thank you to all who supported West Down PTFA's Raise the Roof Appeal, a total of £4,298.30 was raised. Thanks to the generosity of Cornwall Flat Roofing, the roof was repaired with plenty of funds left over to have the internal damage repaired as well as the external lights that were damaged by the thieves. Also, many thanks to Foxhunters for providing the men with amazing breakfasts each morning free of charge, and to John and Fenella for their overnight accommodation.

We should like to wish you all a happy and blessed Christmas.



The new school year is well under way and it has been a busy few weeks. Mrs. Wellings and her team have been enjoying getting to know the 13 little ones who have started in our Reception class this term.

Throughout the rest of the school the children have been settling in to their new classes and taking on different responsibilities. For example, it's great to see the older ones taking care of younger children at dinner times - confirming their meal choices, helping them make a good selection from the fruit bar and then cutting up and serving the fruit and sitting alongside those who need help.

The weather in the first week of term was very changeable so Classes 3 and 4 had to postpone their camping trips until the second week when the forecast was for exceptionally good weather. Class 4 had a Wild Night Out at Stowford Farm Meadows and Class 3 camped out at Watermouth Cove.

As some of the children were busy with their camps we delayed our celebration of Roald Dahl's 100th until Tuesday 20th September. The children were invited to dress up as a character from one of Roald Dahl's books. [See opposite] The dinner menu choices for the day were BFG ears with snozcumber gravy, No Bird Pie, Mr. Twits' Beard Soup, James and the Giant Peaches and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Milk. The children were also encouraged to join in a book swap by donating one they had enjoyed reading in exchange for a book someone else had donated.

The ever popular Football Club, run by Rosie Smith, started up again in the week after the camp outs, and Sarah Peach started a four-week Cooking Club for children in Class 4.

The School Harvest Festival was held at the end of September. The children enjoyed singing their favourite harvest songs.

On behalf of our partner school, West Down, we should like to thank all of you who helped support their Raising the Roof Appeal following the theft of lead from their school roof.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



A bell has been erected on the top of the school consequently the children have been much more punctual this week.

The above is an extract from one of the old school logs that came to light during our recent alterations and refurbishment. It was entered on 22nd May 1874. We have been fascinated by the many and varied entries in the logs, all beautifully hand written, and thought you might find some of them interesting, too. The following entries were found in the 1874 to 1930 log book.

Royal Events:

1910 May 20th Funeral of the late King Edward V11. School closed by order of Education Committee. 1911 June 16th School closed for a week for the Coronation.

Absence from School (quite a topical subject today):

1878 April 12th Several of the elder children have been kept at home this week planting potatoes.

With 1st July 2016 being 100th Anniversary of the Somme we looked to see whether there was an entry in the log: 1916 July School closed

1st - 15th for haymaking.

Earlier this year scarlet fever was doing the rounds across the country and a few of our children went down with it. Nowadays, with antibiotic treatment, it is quickly contained and affected children are able to return to school after 24 hours of treatment. It was a very different matter in the early 1900s. Here are some gleanings from the log:

1904 October 19th Many children kept away the excuse being the fear of scarlet fever. November 21st School re-opened after being closed 4 weeks for scarlet fever. December/January School closed for 4 weeks. 1905 Over April and May the school was closed for 9 weeks.

We probably imagine children to have been very orderly and well-disciplined whilst at school back in the day, but this entry suggests otherwise:

1881 July 1st The children were kept in for 20 minutes for being noisy in their arithmetic lessons.

What a fascinating glimpse of our school and village history, but now to the present and current happenings.At the time of writing, Class 4 are busy rehearsing their musical Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies, a tale of tights, fights and footlights.

We held a Rainbow Fun Day for the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal and raised £220.05 for Bristol Children's' Hospital. Many thanks to all who contributed to this.

We wish Year 6 pupils all the best as they enter their new schools in the Autumn. They will be missed here for a multitude of reasons, not least their care for the younger children. We hope you enjoy their artwork completed earlier this term.

As we come to the end of another School Year we should like to thank you, the village community, for all your support and interest. With your help we have recently ordered new balls, hoops and other sports equipment through the Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers scheme. Thank you so much. We hope you have a lovely summer.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher


Class 4 [Years 5 and 6} Art Work: We have used brushes and acrylic paint to recreate the lino printing style of Namibian artist John Muafangejo, and are looking for somewhere to display them either in school or out and about, if anywhere is interested?




This year seems to be flying by.We are already in the second half of the Summer Term at school. The SATs are behind us and we are enjoying a variety of sports and other outdoor activities. The school garden is flourishing with purple beans, peas, four different coloured beetroots, kholrabi, potatoes, rhubarb and various cane fruits, all growing well.

In the April Newsletter we mentioned that the school was fund raising for Sport Relief. We completed the sponsored mile run and held a Bake Off competition. There were over 30 entries including superb, simple sponges, a selection of decorated, themed cakes, and some delicious creations with the most amazing aroma and taste. The prize for the tastiest cake was won by Laura Eaton whose flavoured cake smelt delightful and tasted delicious. The Rolo themed cake entered by Jed and Dillon Haines was voted the best for presentation and design. Thanks to our judges, David and Eve Walker, who sampled and tasted each entry, and to all the children who paid to cast a vote for design and presentation.At the end of the day, slices of cake were available to buy. We'd like to thank everyone who supported the fund raiser in any way. Nearly £700.00 was raised for Sport Relief, an astounding amount.

Elderberry Class, our older children, are busy rehearsing their end of year Musical. It will be staged at the Landmark Theatre in July so will be a true theatrical experience for them. Before that, however, they will be off on their residential trip 'Rock and Rapid' for an adventure packed with activities. It will be a time to relax and enjoy each other's company after the hard work in the run up to SATs. Year 6 pupils will also be visiting their chosen Secondary Schools in preparation for the new school year. We wish them well for the future but will miss them come September as they have been very active within our school family.Some have run after school clubs for the children in KS1 including gardening, Lego, movie night, science, ICT and party games. Others have helped serve fruit from the fruit bar at lunch times as well as reminding children of their meal choices. They have been caring, helpful and supportive towards the younger children and we are very proud of them.

Blueberry Class, our Years 3 and 4, are also looking forward to their residential at Beam House where they can be sure of an action packed time. Meanwhile our younger children in Key Stage 1 will be welcomingSummer Club children into their classrooms as they visit us prior to starting school in September.

At the start of a new term each of the year groups from Year 2 through to Year 6 elects a girl and a boy to represent them on the School Council which meets fortnightly. Before the Easter holidays our School Council went to West Down School to meet with their School Council and the kitchen team to discuss School Meals for the Summer Term. Here is a report from two of them.

'We talked about how healthy the menu should be and discussed which hot and cold dinners would be suitable for the summer menu. We added a fruit bar where each day children can select portions of various fruits. We think this is a good idea as it helps with water intake in the hot weather. We tasted sausages and burgers from a new butcher. They were really good.'

As the saying goes, 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating' and the eating seems to be going very well at school lunch times as the children enjoy the freshly cooked meals prepared by Sarah Peach and her team.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher




The second half of the Spring Term has been a busy one. There have been a couple of inter-school sports events. Our swimming team did well at the swimming gala with each competitor reaching the finals in their event. They took part enthusiastically and we are very proud of them.

Elderberry class spent an afternoon at Ilfracombe Academy playing Tag Rugby with children from other primary schools in the area.

We are collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers again this year. Over the years we have gained some useful sports equipment through this scheme. If you have any vouchers going spare, please either pop them in to us or to the shop. Thank you.

On the 3rd March we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme this year was Space, and the children were encouraged to make a costume to wear for the day. On the previous day we were all enthralled and fascinated by the wonders of space as we spent time in the Space Odyssey Dome that was set up in the Manor Hall. Thank you to the Pilates class for freeing up the hall for us We hope that those of you who experienced it found it amazing, too. This is what the children thought about it:

"I really liked the Space Odyssey. It was awesome! We got to see loads of constellations. They were amazing! We also got to see all the planets and loads of space men and women. I loved it!"

"I liked the Space Dome. It was 3D."

"One day at school we went over to the Manor Hall to an inflated dome where a man explained how the space station moves around the earth. He also told us what people think the stars look like. My favourite star shape was a unicorn. It was so magnificent. On World Book Day we went to do 3 activities based on a book while dressed up as a space themed costume. Most people dressed up as Star Wars characters. It was spectacular."

"I enjoyed the Space Dome because we got to see the International Space Station and inside it. Things kept spinning around."

"On World Book Day the theme was space. I was a galaxy."

"I loved the Space Odyssey. It was incredible. We saw rockets and rockets going into space. We saw Leo, Leo Senior and Orion. When I got home I told mum everything. It was amazing! The next day I enjoyed playing Flanimals and making them out of playdough. It was the best!"

It is great that there is to be a defibrillator in the village.

David Blackmore from St John Ambulance came in to school to demonstrate and explain how it works to Key Stage 1 and 2 children.

The topic for Key Stage 1 this term has been Transport and they spent a great day at Woody Bay and Lynton looking at and travelling on the railways.

The School Council, elected from each class, meet regularly to discuss issues dropped into their suggestions boxes, ranging from school meals to sticking taps.

At the time of writing, plans are under way to raise money for Sport Relief. There will be a sponsored Mile Run and a Bake Off. Years 3 to 6 will be making cakes at home. They will be judged on taste and presentation. We shall have our very own Paul Hollywood and

Mary Berry stand-ins to judge both categories, but children will be able to judge appearance and presentation for a fee of 20p. Results and photos might appear in the next issue of the Newsletter.

There are also other special things happening in the run up to Easter. Blueberry Class will be putting on their Easter play, the whole school will be going to the Landmark Theatre for a performance by Kagemasha Tiako Drums, and KS1 along with Pre-school will be walking to see the lambs at a local farm.

Meanwhile we look forward to our Easter break and the lighter evenings.

Sue Carey - Head Teacher



Happy New Year to you from all of us at the School.

The children from Classes 1 and 2, along with Mrs Wellings and staff, would like to say a big thank you to all who attended their Nativity. Funds raised from the sale of cast photos and refreshments have been used to purchase some role play furniture for Key Stage 1.

Blueberry Class were the first to take a trip out this year. They spent a day in Exeter visiting the Museum to further their studies of the Ancient Egyptians, and the Cathedral as part of their R.E. Curriculum, looking at places of worship.

By the time you read this, the Soup and Pud Evening will be over but the children have been busy colouring in pictures of Soup and a Pud to be displayed at the event.

We are looking forward to World Book Day on 3rd March. The theme this year is Space and we are organising various activities over a couple of days to foster a love of books. The Space Dome has been booked and will be open to the community during the evening. Keep a look out for posters with information about the when and where, and how to book tickets.

We are currently planning and developing a Community Project to create stronger links between the children and older village residents. More information will be available at a later date, but meanwhile if you are interested in being involved we should love to hear from you.

To enable us to purchase sports equipment, we shall again be collecting the Sainsbury's vouchers. Please help us by giving us your vouchers!

Sue Carey - Head Teacher




In October we had a football tournament with West Down School. It ws enjoyable and both our teams were successful. Our KS2 team, drawn from Blueberries and Elderberries, are pictures celebrating their 3-2 winning score.

Since returning from our half term break, life at the school has been busy. All, bar the Reception children, have been enjoying weekly swimming lessons at Ilfracombe Pool, such an important skill to have. They return to school with healthy appetites for the tasty meals Sarah and Tia have prepared for them.

Tuesday 10th November was full of activity. In the morning, under the guidance of chef Jamie, KS1 children made gnocchi and pizzas for our lunch. This linked in with the work they have been doing on Italy. The results were delicious and many children tired gnocchi for the first time. At the end of the school day, some children from Elderberry Class organised a fund raiser for Children in Need. There was a Bring and Buy Toy Sale, a Cake Sale and Sponge the Teacher. The latter had nothing to do with cakes, water and foam rubber sponges were involved, 3 for 30p! Respect to those who put themselves up as targets and well done to the children who organised the event.

There have been a few out of school activities including Tarka Tennis Tournament for Year 4, Friendship Day at the Academy for Year 6, and for Years 3 and 4, a Problem Solving Festival.

On the 11th November, six children represented the school at the Remembrance Day Event in Ilfracombe.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Well, what a busy start to the new school year it has been. During the summer break steel supports and dividing walls were put in to form a new office, corridor and learning area on the ground floor. We are looking forward to the development of a mezzanine floor above, creating space for a staff room and an additional office space. Many thanks to Lee and his team who worked long hours through the Bank Holiday weekend to ensure the building was ready for the start of the term. Then, on the Wednesday, it was all hands on deck as Staff and Governors cleaned, moved furniture and unpacked boxes ready for school to start the following day. It has been exciting seeing this next stage in the improvement of our learning environment unfold and we look forward to its completion.

So, what else has been happening?

Twelve Reception children have been welcomed into Strawberry Class under the care of Mrs Wellings and her team. There have also been some additions to the other classes as a family of three have moved into the area. We hope they will all soon feel part of our school family.

The lovely weather during the second week of September fell at just the right time for our junior aged children's Wild Night Out. The children spent a day enjoying a variety of outdoor activities and then spent the night under canvas. Blueberry camped at Watermouth Valley and Elderberry was at Stowford.  It was a great way for staff and children to get to know each other at the beginning of the school year.

The children have been harvesting vegetables that they have grown in the school garden and one day enjoyed a delicious potato salad made from freshly dug potatoes.

After school sports clubs have resumed with ball sports and dancing being enjoyed by several children. All in all a happy start to the new school year. Sue Carey - Head Teacher



When you read this we shall be into the second half of the Summer Term. Over the past weeks the children have been enjoying taking their learning outside.

The younger children have had an expedition to Watermouth Woods as part of their topic on mini-beasts.

On Thursday 30th April, the children in Years 3 and 4 from both West Down and Berrynarbor Schools visited Watermouth Valley campsite and Watermouth Harbour as part of their topic on Pirates and Coasts. The children walked from Berrynarbor School to Watermouth harbour to study the boats and tides:

"I enjoyed walking down the road. We had to be careful of the cars." Ruby

"The harbour had lots of boats. We saw the rocks at low tide." Finley
The group of forty-five children and several adults then went to Watermouth Valley campsite to sketch maps and plot the equipment and facilities on the campsite.

"We played on the fun playground, I really liked the climbing ropes." Amber R

"I fed the goats my pear and some apple. They liked the apples best." Mylie

After lunch the group then went on a brisk walk to Broad Sands beach. The children used local walking maps to navigate their way. They were also looking for a Geocache called Dragon's Nest hidden on the path. They followed co-ordinates from a GPS. It took the group down the 227 steps but to no avail as the treasure was very elusive.

"I looked everywhere following the clues but couldn't find anything. Perhaps it had been smuggled." Xander
"We carried lots of washed up wood up the steps to make our driftwood sculptures." Sam
This was a really informative, fun trip for all, including the adults! Thanks to Watermouth Valley Campsite for accommodating West Berry Federation again!

On 28th April a group of children represented the School at an inter-school swimming gala. They swam brilliantly and managed to get into the finals of the girls' backstroke and the girls' freestyle.

Elderberry pupils have been working hard for their SATs which they sat in May. They are now looking forward to their end of year performance as well as other events over the coming weeks.

Sports Day will be on Friday 3rd July at 1.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. in the Sports Field, with Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th in reserve should the weather be inclement on the 3rd. This year we shall be using a PA system for announcements and music.

The School Fete will also be on the 3rd starting at 3.00p.m. and will be in the Manor Hall. It will have a Pirate theme.

Elderberry and Blueberry classes will be going on their annual residential trips later to London and Beam House, Torrington respectively.

In July the whole school will be going to the Landmark Theatre to see a performance by the Essex Dance Company. We always enjoy watching the children from Essex dance.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Maps of Watermouth Valley by:

Amber and Dulcie and Amelia and Summer



Soup and Pudding Evening

We should like to say a massive thank you to the organisers of this event in January and also to each one of you who supported it and helped to raise so much money for the Chemotherapy Unit and the School. This donation will greatly help the development of our outdoor learning space, such a useful resource for our younger children.


Thanks to Graham Lucas who, since the departure of Rector Chris Steed, has taken on the Monday School Assemblies. The children really appreciate them. Class 3 write:

"Mr Lucas has done really fun stories and has had us interacting by getting us to be characters in the story. Reuben was Goliath and George was David."


Years 1 - 6 have been enjoying their weekly swimming lessons at the newly refurbished pool in Ilfracombe.

Bloodhound event

Year 6 visited Ilfracombe Academy to take part in an event aimed at promoting and inspiring children to develop in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It was run by scientists from the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car Development Team. This car has been designed to break the world land speed record and is now being built. The goal is to achieve speeds in excess of 1000mph! The children were shown a full size model of Bloodhound. They used telemetry equipment and studied the data produced. Then they built and raced their own rocket cars.

Over the course of the day they discovered how jet engines work, how rocket motors are fuelled by rubber, and then even experienced a sonic boom. Everyone had a fantastic day investigating, exploring and learning about the ways in which science, technology, engineering and maths impact our everyday lives. We have some budding engineers!

World Book Day

In the first week of March we celebrated World Book Day with a book based competition. The children were asked to design a sash based on a book they enjoyed, or on their favourite character. They could choose how many items, drawn or real, to put on to their sashes. We also had a bring and buy book sale. During the day a team of three children represented the school at an interschool Book Quiz. One of the team, Hazel, reports back:

"Three of us from Berrynarbor School went to a Book Quiz in Barnstaple Library. It was Berrynarbor's first time competing and we came fifth out of the fourteen schools taking part. We hope to compete again next year and come home with the trophy! We had great fun working closely together as we were tested on our knowledge of books."

Sue Carey - Headteacher




Happy New Year everyone! After such a busy half term in the build up to Christmas, the children enjoyed a fun filled two week break!

Staying Safe

Colette Hudson from Childline Services visited Elderberry Class. The visit was to provide children with an understanding of abuse, knowledge of how to protect themselves and an awareness of how and where to get help. The afternoons were very informative and we are hoping that Colette will return every other year to visit.

Fire Safety Talk

At the start of the term KS1 and KS2 were visited by Devon and Somerset Fire Service, who taught the children about fire safety. They learnt to plan an escape route, how to test smoke detectors, steps to take to avoid a fire and what to do if there is a fire. Remember to check your smoke alarm!

Football Tournament

Selected children from Elderberry class attended a football tournament at The Ilfracombe Academy. The children all played well and enjoyed themselves. Well done Team. Also, congratulations to

Josh Richards who was Man of the Match!

Senior Dudes Meal

This was my first venture at putting on the Senior Dudes Meal. It was very well received by our guests and there have been many compliments given over the past few days. Thanks to Sarah Peach, Paul Newell and Louise Richards for all their time and hard work. Also, thanks to the adults who helped on the night. Congratulations to the children, they were very well behaved and served their guests perfectly. This was all topped off by the seal of approval from the creator of the Senior Dudes event herself, Carol Lucas!

A generous amount was raised for the MNDA, and the children gained many life skills.

Mr. Jones


Christingle afternoon was enjoyed by all. Children made their own Christingle and learnt about its associated symbolism, they then walked to church to take part in a Christingle Service

Strawberry & Cranberry Class Nativity

The children did themselves proud with a fabulous performance of "A Little Bird Told Me". The Manor Hall was packed, and afterwards parents enjoyed tea, coffee and mince pies. An enormous well done to the children and a special thank you to all the Staff team who made it possible.

Village Carol Service

Thank you to our School Choir for performing so well at the Annual Carol Service. There was a lot of praise from people in the community, which

made us very proud of you all. Well done to all of the children for singing so beautifully at the School Christmas Concert.

Think Road Safety

Thank you to all parents/carers who have supported our Think! Road Safety campaign. It has been a great success. Our children and their parents have been able to cross the road and walk to the car park safely. Traffic flow through the village has been much smoother. Might we politely remind parents not to park in the junction opposite the bus stop as this is not a safe option. We appreciate that the car park gets busy, but spaces soon free up.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Following the initial Tea and Biscuits discussion, it appears there is sufficient interest for a class to run. We have now had our first full 1/2 hour session - Thursdays, weekly, 2.00 to 3.30 p.m. - which was good fun and enjoyed by all.

Hopefully we shall continue for the remainder of this term and if anyone is interested in joining us, please ring me on [01271] 883087 or 07837077313.




I cannot believe we are already on the countdown to Christmas, where has the year gone?

At this time of year the children enjoy 10 weeks' of swimming lessons but this year has been set back a few weeks due to the repairs and refurbishment at Ilfracombe pool. Swimming is an essential part of the PE Curriculum and particularly important in the area in which we live.

We have been very lucky to have had a visit from a GB Athlete - David Hill a Paralympic Swimmer. The children took part in a sponsored event and had the privilege of hearing about David's career.


We should like to wish everyone a

Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sue Carey - Headteacher



The six weeks break has just flown by and we hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. The weather has been great! We held 8 successful Summer Clubs during the holiday - 4 at Berrynarbor and 4 at West Down. These clubs gave the children the opportunity to meet their friends, have fun and do a little reading and writing to help keep their brains busy.

During the holidays we undertook major building work, moving offices and class 1. Lee Gooch worked amazingly hard and we now have a beautiful early years' classroom much more appropriate for the needs of our youngest children. Our offices have moved to the front of the school and we hope to add a mezzanine floor to provide a staff room and small group teaching space.

We welcome our new reception class and hope they enjoy their time at school. We officially welcome Mrs Lucy Jones who will be working 3 days a week and Ms Pip Owen who will be teaching 2 days a week for the time being. We have also been lucky to appoint Miss Jess Rollin who has joined our staff team in Strawberry class and Mrs Loanna Ball who is supporting Sarah in the kitchen. We are also pleased to welcome Mrs Julie Gooch back to our school.

At the end of the Summer Term we said goodbye to our Year 6 pupils. We wish them every success for the future. We have already heard that many are enjoying their new schools and have settled in well.

Elderberry class have just experienced a Wild Night Out at Stowford Meadows. Blueberry class enjoyed their Wild Night Out at Watermouth Valley campsite. This great experience gave the children opportunity to appreciate the natural environment during the magical twilight times of dawn and dusk.

The start of term has seen the start of our new curriculum with some exciting new learning projects planned. We have also finally managed to establish an afterschool club giving parents the opportunity to go back to work or training.

Our Harvest Festival this year will be held on Wednesday 1st October.

During the summer holiday we found some old school log books. These fascinating documents have given us a window on the work of our colleagues from the past. Looking back at the oldest log book I can see that the children had just one calendar month for their summer holiday back in 1883 and they returned to school on August 13th. They finished the school year in July with 122 on roll and an average attendance of 88 children per session! We expect the children to come to school every school day in 2014 and now have 87 children on roll - I'm not sure where we would put 122 pupils!


In September 1957 the head teacher recorded:

10.9.57                 School reopened at 9am. No's on registers 49 - seven new entrants.

During the holidays the three rooms have been tiled with accotiles and each room has had an alicon stove installed in place of the old tortoise stoves.

11.9.57                 Mr Jordan called in school to see the work which had been done.

13.9.57                 One of the tiles in the big room has cracked badly.

19.9.57                 Piano tuned and cleaned today.

20.9.57                 Dr Vernon today gave polio vaccine to 10 children.

28.9.57 The annual jumble sale was held today and £23 was made for the school fund.

2.10.57 Mr Whitworth [district architect] called today. We are proposed new toilets - contract for which has been given to Pearce (Ilfracombe)

Sue Carey - Headteacher



We are nearly at the end of another year - the time has flown! It has been an action packed term and we are all ready for the holiday. As I write, Blueberry Class (Year 3 and Year 4), together with Willow Class from West Down, are enjoying a residential trip at Emercombe. They are sleeping in yurts, using composting loos, building rafts and dens and learning about the natural environment.

While Blueberry Class have been away, the rest of the school have hosted our third annual Federation Day. The children and staff from West Down were welcomed to Berrynarbor. The children enjoyed renewing friendships with friends from the other school while taking part in a morning of problem solving and team building activities and an afternoon of sports activities. Both schools enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch in the sunshine, prepared and served by Mrs Peach and her colleague,

Mrs Hazlehurst from West Down. Other highlights of this term have been the Elderberry Class residential to Bristol, a whole school trip to see Essex Dance, a visit from a hive of bees (yes the bees really did come into school to visit us - along with their keeper Mr Barrett) and getting to know the new children who will be joining us in September.

A few weeks ago we enjoyed our first community week - the normal timetable was suspended but lots of useful learning went on. The aims of the week were to give the children a greater understanding and appreciation of the community of which they are a part, to get the children out into the community so that our neighbours could meet and feel proud of the wonderful young people who attend our village school, and to extend the opportunities for the children to contribute positively to the community. The week started with the children delivering questionnaires to the houses in the centre of the village. Many of these questionnaires were returned and the children used them to find out about the wealth of experience and expertise that people living in the village had. Berrynarbor is a beautiful part of the world to live in, the children noticed from the questionnaires that some people had lived in the village all their lives, others had been born here, travelled the world and then returned and others had moved here for a number of different reasons. Some residents of the village came into school to be interviewed by the children and some children went out to meet our neighbours in their homes. Other children visited Lee Lodge and some older children took a turn at helping in the shop. A group of children met Bishop Robert in the village and presented him with a book of prayers that they had written. The children learnt more about the history of the church, some climbed the bell tower and they explored the graveyard and collected information about the families that had lived and died in the village in the past. In this age of social media and 'online friends' we taught the children about social etiquette and courtesy - how to greet someone, how to make eye contact

and talk confidently to someone that you are meeting for the first time, how to behave politely in someone else's home, how to show respect to people and property. The children made posters, wrote biographies and newspaper articles and plotted 'village links' on a world map. The week ended with a celebration afternoon when we invited our community to come to school to visit us. The children baked cakes and scones, served tea and coffee, led guided tours of the school and showed their visitors what they had learnt. Watching the children enthusiastically welcome our neighbours to the school and proudly share their work was wonderful and I should like to thank all those who gave their time so generously to meet and speak to the children.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the week - the most talked about activity was meeting and talking to our neighbours about their lives and hearing about how life was in the past. Parents have told us that their children went home buzzing about what they had learnt and the teachers and children all agree that we should like to repeat the project next year as there is so much more we should like to do - if you have any suggestions or would like to be involved next time - please get in touch. If you would like to be part of our school and spend time with the children helping with reading, craft work or gardening or simply talking to the children over lunch please get in touch. Safeguarding checks will be made and an induction will be given to volunteers. The children like other adults to share their achievements and support them with their challenges and they benefit hugely from people with the time to take an interest in their lives. Life can be busy for us all but simple conversations and sharing the wisdom of the past can make a real impact on the lives of children today. We should love to work more closely with our community.

With a week to go before the end of term, we are still looking forward to our traditional Year 6 water fight on the playground tomorrow after school and the Years 5/6 show in the Manor Hall next week. On Saturday we will enjoy a surprise tea party in the hall to say Thank You to Mrs Lucas for her many years of service to the school. Mrs Lucas, the organiser of many Senior Dudes Meals, Forest School and our much loved and respected Years 5/6 teacher will be retiring at the end of this term. She ends her time at our school on a high with a fantastic set of SAT's results and 'the most responsible group of children' to be taken away on residential. Next week we shall also say thank you and goodbye to Mrs Balment and our Year 6 children Dylan, Anna, William, Lawrence, Alfie, Roker, Ellis, Indianna and Sam. We wish them all success and happiness in the next chapter of their lives.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Well, what a busy time we are having - The children are really enjoying the first half of our summer term!

Strawberry and Cranberry class are learning about Growing Grub and have planted a variety of seeds.

Children in Strawberry, Cranberry and Blueberry have recently enjoyed a trip to Tesco to take part in their new Farm to Fork Trails. The children learnt about fruit and vegetables and their origin along with a visit to the bakery and a trip through the warehouse. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Elderberry class have been busy working hard for their SATS which they sat in May. Now they are complete, the children can relax, just a little, as they will now be working on their end of year performance.

The summer term always sees lots of events taking place and several of our KS2 children have taken part in a Tag Rugby and Striking and Fielding festivals.

We shall be holding our Sports Day on Tuesday 10th June, 1.00 p.m. in the playing field. Should we have typical English summer weather that day, we shall move to the 17th June.

Elderberry and Blueberry class will be going on their annual residential trips; Goblin Combe in Bristol and Embercombe near Exeter.

During the last week of June we hope that the children will be out and about as we suspend the normal curriculum for Community Week. The children will be out helping and getting to know our neighbours. As part of this week we'll invite you to visit our school and see what the children have been doing - please keep an eye on the notice board outside the shop for more details.

The whole school will enjoy a trip to the Landmark Theatre in July to see The Essex Dance Group. The children love watching this performance, all performed by children too!

Our pupils will also be enjoying a Federation Day with West Down School. This is a great and fun opportunity for the pupils from both schools to mix and get to know one another.

The PTFA are working hard to organise their annual Summer Fete. Beaford Arts will be visiting us again this year and the Fete will be held on Saturday 12th July.

We hope everyone has a lovely summer and the weather is kind to us!

Sue Carey - Headteacher



After what seemed months of endless rain the children are finally able to enjoy the sun and play outside!

This term's topic for Strawberry and Cranberry Class is 'What a Lot of Rubbish'! The children have been really busy learning the three R's of waste management: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! They have visited Brynsworthy Recycling Centre where they found out what happens to the recycling waste that is collected - the children were fascinated by the amount of waste and what happens to it. They were shown some of the many items made from recycled materials including a fleece made from recycled plastic bottles!



Both classes also met the friendly and helpful crew who collect our recycling in the village and have entered a competition organised by Devon County Council to REDUCE waste in packed lunches. They

have been gaining a real sense of responsibility and explained to the whole school in an assembly about using REUSABLE containers and wrote letters to parents.

All the children are motivated and consider themselves Superhero's on a quest to save the planet! Make sure you don't drop any litter in the village!

Elderberry Class enjoyed a trip to Exeter to visit Places of Worship. The children visited a Mosque, Synagogue and the Cathedral. It was a fascinating experience for them.

The Berrynarbor Restaurant has once again been open for this year's Parents' Meal. The children worked hard all day to prepare the food, which tasted delicious! The waiting staff looked very smart and were very polite. Well done class 4, and Mrs Lucas.

The topic for Blueberry Class this term was 'Urban versus Rural' and this saw them on a trip down to Exeter so they could see the difference between a city and a village. Blueberry Class will also be performing their Easter play, 'The Selfish Giant, on Friday 4th April in the Church at 2.00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter break and look forward to the start of our summer term on Tuesday 22nd April.


Sue Carey - Headteacher



Happy New Year everyone!

After such a busy half term in the build up to Christmas, the children enjoyed a fun filled two week break! Hopefully not too many were affected by the dreadful bugs that have been doing the rounds.

Senior Dudes Meal

Well done Mrs Lucas, Elderberry Class really rose to the occasion again this year! They worked very hard all day preparing everything from vegetables down to making the stuffing and cranberry sauce. The adults thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the children finished off the evening by singing carols beautifully. A lovely evening was had by all.

Rosemoor Trip

Whilst Class 4 prepared for their Senior Dudes Meal the rest of the school enjoyed a trip to RHS Rosemoor. Despite the weather the children had a great day looking around the gardens. The younger children took part in an educational activity 'natural sculptures', whilst the older children did 'discover your tree'. We'd like to say a big thank you to the PTA for funding the transport for this trip.

Strawberry & Cranberry Class Nativity

The children in Strawberry and Cranberry Classes performed their Nativity play 'The Nativity' in the Manor Hall on Friday 13th. The whole school, joined by the preschool, saw the performance in the morning, followed by their big performance to their parents and families in the afternoon. It was a great success and all the children sang and performed beautifully - a credit to Mrs. Wellings' hard work!

Village Carol Service

Well done to the infants who performed their nativity play 'The Nativity'. The weather did not put us off and the show carried on in the church! This was followed by the village Carol Service, where the school Choir accompanied the Church Choir. It was a lovely evening with a wonderful Christmassy atmosphere.

This term Strawberry and Cranberry Classes' topic is Barnaby Bear goes to China. Blueberry Class are learning the difference between Rural and Urban areas and Elderberry Class are studying the science of bread.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



I cannot believe we are already on the count-down to Christmas!

We have all just enjoyed a two week half term. The children are now refreshed and looking forward to the busy end of term ahead.

Following half term, the children have started their swimming sessions. This is an essential part of the PE Curriculum and very important in the area in which we live.

For Remembrance Sunday on the 10th November, the Church was decorated with Poems and Bunting that the children made for this special occasion and we hope you were able to take time to look at them.

We should like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



We hope everyone enjoyed the summer holidays; at least the weather has been kinder to us this year! They seem to have flown by and I can't believe we are starting the autumn term already.

We should like to welcome into Mrs Wellings' class; Grace, Aston, George, Lily-May, Fiona, Joshua, Ellen, Indie and Rowan. Also joining us this term are William,Thomas, Elisa and Andres, we hope they enjoy their time at our school.

We also said goodbye to our year 6 pupils; Disnie, Elyse, Shannon, Addie, Jack, Jak, Louis and Luc. We wish them all every success in their new schools.

We have started our new year with our annual camping trips. Elderberry class stayed at Stowford and enjoyed a Wild Night Out under the stars! The weather was great and the children enjoyed laying down and looking at the constellations at night.

Blueberry class stayed at West Down in the school field where they enjoyed forest type activities.

This is a great opportunity for the children to get to know their new class members and their new teacher!

Children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will shortly be starting their swimming sessions. This is an important part of the curriculum, especially in the area we live.

Year 5 pupils are taking part in Forest Schools again this year, where they explore the forest, build dens, light fires using only natural resources and flints and learn about the trees and plants. They are taught to respect their environment and keep safe in it.

Our Harvest Festival will be held on Tuesday 8th October.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



As you read this we hope you are relaxing and enjoying nice summer weather!

The children have worked hard this term, and it was a long one too, 8 weeks! They have also had lots of fun with residentials and various summer activities.

Our Year 5/6 class recently returned from an action packed week on Dartmoor and our Year 3/4 children are soon to return from a 3 day residential at Beam House in Torrington. The Year 3/4 children have also been joined by their peers from West Down on camp and have been having a wonderful time. Year 1/2 pupils have been out on several trips including the farm and a visit to Verity and the Tunnels Beach. We have been very lucky with the weather and everyone has really enjoyed getting out and about.

The children due to start school in September have been attending school for Summer Club during the last few weeks and have settled in well. We look forward to welcoming them in September. All the children have worked extremely hard this year. It has been a pleasure to read through their school reports.

Our Year 5/6 children are practising hard for their show. Every year the children amaze us with their confidence. It is one of the last that this Year 6 do before they leave us for their new secondary schools. We should like to wish Jack, Jak, Luc, Elyse, Disnie, Shannon, Addie and Louis all the best for the future and we look forward to hearing how they get on.

The new school year will start on Thursday 5th September.

We hope all the children and parents have a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing you all in September.

Sue Carey - Headteacher

Below are two of the illustrated poems the children wrote for the 'Playing the Field' event. All the poems will be available to view at the Horticultural & Craft Show on Saturday, 24th August.

The poems were sent to Beaford Arts and six were selected by Katee Woods for inclusion. Katee writes:

I should like to give a huge thank you to everyone that submitted poems for my art work. The high standard made it incredibly difficult for me to choose which poems to use and I would have used more if my hopscotch board was bigger and I could assign more sounds to it! I really appreciate how much hard work everyone put into their poems. Your contributions make my work possible and I'm really grateful for this. These are the poems that I've chosen to use.


Kiera in Reception - I really loved the delivery of your poem, and how you

describe the hungry foxes and slimy snails.

Amilia in Year 2 - This is a very poetic piece and there are lots of

interesting descriptive words which is great.

Frankie in Year 3 - you're obviously a very confident speaker and you

read your poem very clearly. Your poem is also very positive which is


Rueben in Year 4 - This poem has an intriguing mysterious quality. I love

the line 'In the air, birds swoop and dive but there is no sound'.

Ellis in Year 5 - I really enjoy the part in which you talk about the hidden

places in the countryside, and how different environment features

interact with each other.

Jack in Year 6 - there is lots of use of onomatopoeia in this poem which

really brings it to life. There is a definite vibrancy to this piece.


I hope to see you all at Playing the Field and, again, a huge thank you to everyone who got involved!




Well, what a busy half term we are having!

We are pleased to announce that Elderberry Class are now back in their classroom, work almost completed! They are working hard towards their SATS exams that will take place the second week in May. The class will then enjoy a well-deserved fun week away when they all go on a residential to Plymouth in June.

Blueberry Class will be enjoying three days of activities at Beam House near Torrington for their residential in July.

Strawberry Class have just started their swimming lessons and will continue to be learning to swim like little fishes for the next six weeks. We would like to thank our parent helpers that come each week, it is much appreciated.

Work in our sensory garden is progressing well and hopefully this will be in full use later this term.

I'm sure you have all heard about Beaford Arts visiting us again this summer. It is set to be a big village event! Blueberry Class have designed leaflets that have been delivered throughout the village inviting members of the community to produce poems for the event. The PTA is working hard to help organise the event and the school Summer Fete will be held in the playing field on the 29th June alongside this event.

In the coming weeks we shall be holding a 'Pride in our School' day. If there are any members of the community that have a skill, any unwanted cans of paint, or time they might like to give, please contact the school, we should be extremely grateful. There will be refreshments throughout the day!

We'll be holding our Sports Day on Tuesday 11th June, 1.00 p.m. in the playing field. Should we have typical English summer weather that day, we move to the 12th or 13th June!

The whole school will enjoy a trip to the Landmark Theatre in July to see 'The Essex Dance'. The children love watching this performance, all performed by children too!

At the beginning of July the children will be enjoying a 'Federation Day' with West Down School. This is a great and fun opportunity for the children from both schools to mix and get to know one another.

We hope everyone has a lovely summer and the weather is kind to us, we all deserve it!

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Well, what a busy half term we are having!

You may be aware that work is due to start on the roof of the Parish Room. We have had to rehouse 18 children and two adults in a very short time! We are pleased to say that Mill Park have kindly offered the use of their function room for the time needed, we are very grateful. The children love their new surroundings, especially the play area!

The 'Berrynarbor Restaurant' has once again been open for this year's Parents Meal. The children worked hard all day to prepare the food; even the bread and pasta were homemade! The food tasted delicious, the waiting staff looked very smart and were very polite. Well done Class 4 and Mrs Lucas.

The whole school celebrated World Book Day by dressing as Pirates. Parents were invited into school to take part in Pirate activities; a fun morning was had by all.

A team of children entered the recent inter schools swimming gala. They all competed very well, what great swimmers we have.

This term Strawberry and Cranberry [Years Reception, 1 and 2] classes have been learning about 'people that help us' and have been on a trip to Ilfracombe Fire Station to learn about fire safety and have a look around a fire engine.

Here, with original spellings, etc., are their thank you letters.

I learned that any fire is dangeros.Thank you. from Thomas
I learned that if theres a Fire you haft go out side. Thank you. Love Amber xxx
I learned today the fan blows the smoke out the way. Thanc yoo.
From Sam
Dear Fire Men
I learned that you have to put a fire gard in front of a log fire.
Thank you Katelyn
I learnt today that in the night if there is a fire the smoke alarm will go
off and I will shout fire so everyone else knows. Thank you. Laura
I learnt that you used a fan to blow away the smoke. Thank you. Edie
I learned that the fire fighters have to wer a speshul. sut on them.
Thank you from Summer. xxx
I learned their boots had metal in the boots. Thank you from Zinnia
Dear firefighters,
thank you for letting Berynarbor School come to the fire stashone. I learned that one of the pieces of equipment is called a branch. The best bvit about going to the fire stashone was when I learned stop, drop, role. Thank you. Amelia
Dear Firmen
I learned not too touch machis. Thank you. Olivia.
I learned what the fan doos. Thank you. Zac
I learnt today when the smoke alarm hurts your ears it wakes you up.
Thank you from Arthur
I learned about the fan. It moovs the smowc. Thank you Xander
To Day I learnt abowt how the firemen use the fire hoses. Thank you.
From Vincent
I learnt not to play wif machis. I learnt to stop drop rol. Amber
I learned abot fire engins. Thank you. Danielle
I learned to not play with fire. Thank you. Sophie
I learnt today that some fires are bad and some fires good. May
I learned ti should not tuch ftry. Thank you. Alex
I learnt that a fan blows the smoke Jed
I learnt the ladr gos up. Fergus
I learnt the branch gos on the hos Dulcie
I learnt not to play wif machis. I learnt to stop drop and rol. Ruby
I lirnt that the branch dus clip on the hows. fyt you. Ben Beer
I lernt that matches are dangerous
I learnt when there is a fire on your cloths this is what you do. Stop, drop and role. I learnt what a branchy of a hoes is called. I learnt a fireman has a fan to blow away the smoke so they can see people. I learnt firemen do other things too other than takeing fires out.

Blueberry Class have been able to experience a trip to Combe Martin beach and a talk with Tania Mugglestone, who has just qualified in 'Coastal Schools'. This has been a great opportunity for the children given the area in which we live.

Blueberry Class will also be performing their Easter performance of 'Resurrection Rock' on Thursday 28th March in the Church at 2.00 p.m. All welcome.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter break and look forward to the start of our summer term on Monday 15th April.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Happy New Year Everyone!

After such a busy half term in the build up to Christmas, the children enjoyed a fun filled two week break! Hopefully not too many were

affected by the dreadful bugs that have been doing the rounds

Senior Dudes Meal

WOW! We had record numbers for this year's meal - and the smallest class! As always, the children rose to the occasion and worked really hard preparing and serving the food. They finished the evening by singing carols, beautifully. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal and the evening.

Strawberry & Cranberry Class Nativity

The children performed 'Shine Star Shine' to the school and pre-school and then to parents and families. The children sang and performed beautifully - a credit to Mrs Wellings' hard work!

Village Carol Service

Despite the weather the children performed their Nativity of 'Shine Star Shine' in the bus shelter to friends, family and members of the village. It looked and sounded lovely.

The children also took part in the village Carol service that followed. The porch was decorated with lanterns that the children had made, adding to the Christmassy atmosphere. The church was full to the brim! A very festive evening.

Educational Landscape

I am sure you have heard lots in the news about how education and schools are changing. We are really proud of what our children achieve and would love you to know more about what we do. Although this seemingly constant change can seem disconcerting at times, it also offers exciting new opportunities and we are determined to build on our success and embrace positive change so that we can continue to offer the best education to our children. I should be happy to come and present some information about our school to any interested groups - if you would be interested please contact the school.

This term Strawberry class will be learning about fossils and dinosaurs. If any community members have any interesting collections or expertise that they could share with the children we should love to hear from you.

Sue Carey - Headteacher

Are you, like me, intrigued by 'Strawberry & Cranberry'? The classes all now have names - all Berry fruits, I wonder why!

Reception and Year 1: Strawberry

Year 2: Cranberry

Class 3, Years 3 & 4: Blueberry and

Class 4, Years 5 & 6: Elderberry




I cannot believe we are already on the countdown to Christmas!

We have all just enjoyed a two week half term. The children are now refreshed and looking forward to the busy end of term ahead.

We should like to welcome two new children to our school: Austin who joins Mr Jones in class 3 and Alex in class 1 with Mrs Wellings. We hope they have a very enjoyable time with us.

In the next couple of weeks we shall be holding our Inspire Mornings. This is where the children have a family member or friend come into school to see them work for the morning. We have very good feedback from these mornings and the children really do enjoy it - even if the teachers are a little nervous!

This year we are involving the whole school in a big 'stir up' of an enormous Christmas pudding. These puddings will then be shared with the older members of our community . . . should there be any left, we shall be enjoying them for our school Christmas Dinner!

As a school we raise lots of money for charity by holding various events and activities throughout the year, currently the children are:

donating shoeboxes for 'Operation Christmas Child'. This is a very worthwhile cause and brings the joy of Christmas to many children.

On Friday 23rd November the whole school will have done a fun run around the village in aid of Children in Need dressed in their pyjamas! We should like to thank Edie Maytum in Class 2 for this great idea - please look out for them and give them a cheer!

As you can see the children really do have a busy, but exciting time ahead and below are more events that will be taking place.

We should like to wish everyone

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sue Carey - Headteacher



We hope everyone enjoyed the summer holidays, despite the weather. They seem to have flown by and I can't believe we are starting the autumn term already.

We should like to welcome into Mrs Wellings class; Keira, Sophie, Ben, Dillon, Daniella, Joffre, Kensa, Lucy, May and Alex. Also joining us this term are Oliver, Emily and Melanie, we hope they enjoy their time at our school.

At the end of last term we said goodbye to our year 6 pupils; Isabel, Kelly, Caitlin, Harry, Kyle, Charlie, Mo, Miles, Kaitlin, Morgan, Lucy and Xanthe. We wish them all every success in their new schools.

Children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be starting their swimming sessions now. This is an important part of the curriculum, especially in the area we live.

Class 3 and 4 children will be taking part in Wild Night Out at Stowford Meadows. This is a great experience for them, where they learn to appreciate the natural environment during the magical twilight times of dawn and dusk. It really is a 'wild night out' as they are not allowed to use the facilities after teatime!

Year 5 pupils are taking part in Forest Schools again this year, where they learn forest crafts.

Our Harvest Festival will be held on Wednesday 3rd October, 2.15pm at Sloley Farm.

We are looking for members of our local community to help our Ethos Committee. Volunteers could join the committee, help with projects in school, or help by preparing and researching things at home. The Ethos Committee are developing our community links and Christian distinctiveness. If you would like to get involved please telephone the school on [01271] 883493 to find out more.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



As you read this, we should all be enjoying our summer holidays, with glorious weather, hopefully!

We have had a very busy six weeks in the run up to the holidays. The children have been involved in lots of activities and Class 3 and Class 4 have been on their residential. Included are some of their writings about their experiences.






Class 1 and 2 children have been learning about various forms of transport through the ages. They went on a day trip to Ilfracombe, on public transport, and looked around the Lifeboat and other boats in the harbour. An exhibition was held in the Manor Hall to show off their work and the children wanted to raise money for the Lifeboat.

Years 5 and 6 have also attended the annual Junior Life Skills. It is a very informative morning where the children learn about the effects of alcohol, beach safety and safety around the home, including fire and electricity, basic first aid and lots more.

Classes 3 and 4 took part in the Arlington Cross Country when we did extremely well and came back to school with two medals. Well done!

The weather managed to hold for our Sports Day and we had a glorious day with all the children putting in lots of effort and thoroughly enjoying taking part. It was not so good for the Summer Fete but in spite of persistent rain, it was a well-attended and enjoyable evening that raised in excess of £1,000.

Mrs. Wellings has been introducing our new risers to the school, visiting once a week and, of course, we are saying 'goodbye' to our Year 6 pupils who will be moving on to their secondary schools. We wish them every success.

We hope you enjoy reading the children's writing and have a good summer holiday.

Sue Carey - Headteacher

Note: The Autumn Term starts on Wednesday, 5th September



I can't believe we are well into the summer term already.

The Children enjoyed taking part in the recent Mean Feet Dance event organised by Beaford Arts and d despite the weather everyone had a fun afternoon.

KS1 and KS2 children have recently had a visit from the local Lifeguards. This is quite an important talk for the children due to the area in which we live.

Class 4 pupils will have completed their SATS week in May.

They will be enjoying a day out to the Ocean Fest in June.

This term will see class 3 heading to Embercombe near Exeter for their residential. It is the ultimate 'outdoor classroom'. The children will have great fun learning new skills and old, stretch their imaginations and have lots of fun in the outdoors.

Class 4's residential is to Bristol this year, where they will be visiting the SS Great Britain, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, watching 'Phantom of the Opera', plus lots more. Mrs Lucas works very hard to ensure the children have a very fun-filled week.

The whole school will be taking part in an Olympic Torch event being held at Brimlands rugby field. This will be a great opportunity for the children to view the torch as it passes through and to take part in a fun day of sporting activities.

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, the children will be having a street party lunch at school.

Sports day this year will be held on the first fine day, either Tuesday 19th June or Thursday 21st June.

The PTA will be holding their annual Summer Fete on Friday

29th June - please see posters for times. This is usually a really big fundraiser for the school, so it would be lovely to see lots of people there. All welcome!

If there are any gardeners who have a glut of fruit or veg and would like to donate to our school kitchen, we should be very grateful. This enables us to try and keep our costs down!

Sue Carey - Headteacher



As Easter is early this year we have already nearly completed the Spring Term!

The children have been busy this term taking part in various sporting activities, including Sports Hall athletics at Ilfracombe College, and an inter-schools swimming gala at Ilfracombe pool. We have a group of children going to an Orienteering Festival at Ilfracombe College next week. There are also some friendly football matches being organised between some of the local schools and we shall be playing Ilfracombe Junior School on Monday 19th March.

Thursday 1st March was World Book Day. The children and staff were encouraged to dress up as their favourite fictional character, and parents were invited to school during the morning to take part in some reading related activities. This was very well attended and enjoyed by all.


On Big Yellow Friday, a fun day to raise funds for a charity supporting children with liver disease. We shall all be dressing in yellow costumes for the day to raise awareness and money for this worthwhile cause.

Our PTA have also been busy. Their recent Curry and Quiz night, held in the Manor Hall at the end of February was a huge success, and a good time was had by all. This is a great money raiser for our school, and we would like to thank everyone who took part.

Following on from the Senior Dudes Christmas meal, Class 4 children will be preparing, cooking and serving a wonderful meal, but this time it is for their parents and takes place on Friday 16th March.

Class 3 will be holding their Easter play in the Church on Thursday 29th March. All are welcome.

We shall again be collecting vouchers from Sainsburys and Tesco towards sports equipment for our school, and should be very grateful for any donations of vouchers.

This year saw our first team of Star Trekkers; Mrs Wellings, Mr Jones, Mrs Lucas, Mr Newell, Mrs Richards and Mrs Davies all took part and successfully completed the walk in 8.5 hours! Well done to you all!

We would all like to wish you a Happy Easter.

Sue Carey Headteacher



We have had an exciting few months and as usual a busy run up to Christmas. Our Christmas Service, Nativity Service and of course the Senior Dudes Meal were enjoyed by all. We also received a visit from Ofsted Inspectors during the Autumn term.

The inspection was rigorous. We had two inspectors for part of the first day and one inspector for the second day. The inspectors looked at all areas of school life and spent a considerable amount of time in every classroom. They spoke to children and parents and spent time in the playground and lunch rooms. Until just before Christmas, the outcome of the inspection was a closely guarded secret. However, I am very pleased to tell you that the inspector, Mr Baxter, judged our school to be OUTSTANDING which places us in the top 6% of schools nationally. The full inspection report can be read online and includes comments such as:

"The pupils' impressive academic and personal progress is rooted in exemplary teaching and curricular activity, combined with continuing strengths in the care provided. Such strong provision, which also safeguards pupils as they make full use of the school's restricted site, helps them to feel very secure and take a high level of responsibility for their learning. That stands them in very good stead not only when working in school, but also prepares them especially well for their future lives."

We are very proud of this result and I think it reflects the commitment of our staff and children.

Our SIAS inspection took place this week. The SIAS inspection considers our effectiveness as a church school.

The children have warmly welcomed all of these visitors and shown them what a wonderfully caring bunch of children they are. We are hoping for a rest from 'visitors' for a while now as we look forward to some warmer days and getting outside more.

Sue Carey - HeadteachereadteachHe



We have had a busy Autumn Term. Our Wild Night Out proved to be a very soggy one; however, the children still managed to have a great time. The whole school are currently taking part in swimming on Monday mornings.

We have just completed our Inspire Mornings when parents or carers are able to spend the morning alongside their child. We have received positive feedback and are looking forward to holding more in the Summer Term.

Our Christingle Service will be held on Thursday, 1st December, at the Church. Family and friends are very welcome. The service starts at 2.15 p.m. Classes 1 and 2 will be performing their Nativity on Thursday,

8th December and again family and friends are welcome at the Church at 10.00 a.m.

Our Annual Senior Dudes meal will be taking place on Monday,

12th December. This is open to the grandparents of the children and the older members of the community. There will be a sheet in the Shop and Post Office for those wanting to attend to sign.

Finally, our Christmas Carol Service will be held on Friday,

16th December at 2.00 p.m. We hope that you will be able to join us for this celebration.

We should like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Berrynarbor Primary School.

Su Carey - Headteacher



The six weeks have just flown by and we hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.

Our caretaker had a busy August as we have had most of our very old carpets replaced. Most rooms have had a lick of paint and some new tables have replaced the broken ones that after being welded many times had come to the end of their life. Our classrooms now look brighter and lighter and the children are enjoying their spruced up learning environment.

We welcomed Ben, Dulcie, George, Fergus, Amber, Arthur, Jed, Ruby, Olivia, Xander and Caleb into our Reception Class and Xanthe into Year 6. We hope they enjoy their time at Berrynarbor School.

At the end of the Summer Term we said goodbye to our Year 6 pupils and wished them every success in their new schools. We have been hearing how well they have settled and a few have popped back already to let us know that they are doing well.

We also welcome to the school, Mrs Debbie Wellings who will be teaching Reception and Year 1, and Mrs Catherine Orr who now shares Years 5 and 6 with Mrs Lucas.

The children will be taking part in Wild Night Out at Stowford Meadows next week - weather permitting. This is a great experience for them, where they learn to appreciate the natural environment during the magical twilight times of dawn and dusk. Last year we got very, very wet so fingers crossed the weather will be kind to us.

Our Year 5 pupils are taking part in Forest Schools again this year, where they learn forest crafts. Their first week was muddy but very much enjoyed by all!

Our Harvest Festival this year will be held on Wednesday 5thOctober, at Moules Farm. We shall be collecting food gifts for the local poverty action group and will also take a money collection for an international charity.

Our federation with West Down Primary began on 1st September. Staff are already working together and the Governors are establishing our new Governing Body. We also have an Ethos Committee [at the suggestion of the Diocese] to ensure that our unique Christian Distinctiveness is maintained. Teresa Crockett is leading this committee and has already recruited members of the church and local community to help her. If you would like to be involved with this or would like to support our school in any other way, please contact us on [01271] 883493 to discuss your ideas further.

Su Carey - Headteacher


Ron Toms would like to thank all the pupils who visited him to wish him a happy birthday, sang their wishes to him and gave him a beautiful card they had made.



How time goes so quickly! At the time of you reading this the children will have already broken up for their summer holidays. Our final 7 weeks of term have been very busy.

As you may already be aware, the Federation between Berrynarbor and West Down will be going ahead in September. So far this has been a lot of planning and paperwork, but in September we can get on with making it work for real.

The whole school took part in an enterprise afternoon where pupils were divided into groups and had to come up with a money making idea. The children had to think of everything from expenses, how much to charge their customers, risk assessments and advertising. It proved very successful and they learnt a lot. Thank you to everyone who turned up on the afternoon to support the children and to Miss Muffet's who facilitated the car wash enterprise.

Both Class 3 and Class 4's residential trips were very successful. Class 4 had beautiful weather all week and a good time was had by all. Class 3 didn't have such good weather but all the children still had a fabulous time.

Despite a day of heavy rain, the sun shone at the right time for our Annual School Fete. We had a successful evening and managed to raise approximately £1300 for our PTA. Thank you to everyone who helped in setting up on the day and running stalls in the evening.


Some of Fagin's Boys from the recent school production of 'Oliver'


Reproduced by kind permission of Tempest Photography


We are saying 'goodbye' to our Year 6 pupils who will be moving on to their secondary schools. We wish them every success at their new schools.

We are also saying a very emotional 'goodbye' to Mrs Newell who is leaving us at the end of the summer term. She has been with the school for over 20 years and will be very sadly missed. We all wish her well in her retirement . . . enjoy!

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Summer is here and things are getting busy!

Our Year 6 pupils took their SATs last week and are now focusing on getting ready for the move to secondary school. They really are a lovely bunch of children and we are very proud of the supportive group of young people in to which they have grown. It will be a tearful goodbye to them at the leavers' service on the 22nd July, but just to make sure that they go out with a bang they have requested a Year 6 versus staff rounders match at the end of term which some of us are looking forward to more than others!

Both Class 3 and Class 4 children will be going on a residential in the next month or so. Class 4 are off to Plymouth for 5 days and Class 3 will be staying at Beam House near Torrington for 3 days. The children are very excited and I am sure they will have a lovely time. Residential trips are hard work for staff but we look forward to see the children grow in confidence as they try new experiences, overcome fears and work together.

You might have seen in the newspaper that we are considering federating with West Down Primary School. We have held a series of information meetings for parents which have been well attended. The Governors of both schools make the final decision on 27th May. If the Federation goes ahead it will begin in September and we shall form one Governing Body to manage both schools. I consider federation with West Down a good move for Berrynarbor School; it would enable us to work more closely together sharing resources, expertise and costs and would put us in a stronger position for the future. We'll let you know the final decisions on the matter through the Newsletter in due course.

We are hoping to stimulate our parents this term by inviting them to attend an Inspire Day with their children. The parents will come to school with their child for the morning, be able to observe them learning and then work with their child on a task set by the teacher. The idea came from another school in Somerset where two of our pupils attended before moving to Devon. I was lucky enough to watch an Inspire Day in progress and saw how much both the parents and children got out of the morning and so thought we'd give it a go.

Class 1 have been learning about famous people and some of their pictures are displayed here.

This year we shall be holding our School Fete earlier on Friday,

10th June, the Manor Hall at 6.30 p.m. An annual event and one not to be missed! Everyone is welcome.

Su Carey - Headteacher








Spring is here and we've been enjoying the sunshine. What a difference it makes to be outside in the warm sun. Let's hope it continues.

After a quieter term, we are gearing up for the summer.

We took delivery of our Mystery Seeds from the Horticultural Show team on Friday. The children will be working in teams to sow and bring on the seeds and try and identify them. We shall be drawing, measuring and charting the plants' progress and competing against each other to see who can identify the plants first. The teachers were so excited when we were planning the project that they have asked for a set of mystery seeds for the staffroom! I'll let you know how we get on!

We took part in Red Nose Day last Friday - the children dressed in red and some created wonderful outfits. Two weeks ago we took part in Big Yellow Friday to raise money for the Children's Live Disease Foundation - once again the children dressed up, but this time in yellow. A cake sale in the playground ended each day and we raised nearly £200 for these good causes.

Our Britain since 1930 project was a great success. It was fantastic to have so many members of the local community to share their memories with the children. Class 3 blacked out their classroom [there was a good reason for shutting the world out - they weren't just being anti-social!] and Class 1 had an Anderson shelter in the corner of the classroom.

We are planning an Arts Week for the last week of term and hope to include puppet making, music and dance. Class 3 will perform their production 'The Son Flower' - a musical with an Easter theme, on Thursday, 7th April.

Children in Class 4 took part in a competition organised by Rotary Clubs UK. Lots of our children were very successful and certificates will be presented on Friday, 1st April. The theme was Community Spirit. Lots of the children wrote stories or reports. Tulsi chose to write a poem which I have included below.


The Community Spirit Poem

The spirit of the village is alive and well,
From the top of the valley to the sound of the bell.
The old and the young we all help each other,
From the children in school to Father and Mother.
Everyone enjoys the crafts at the show,
It makes us happy when we are feeling low.
Our community shop has all the vegetables and fruits,
We have jumble sales and car boots.
In our carnival we have lots of amazing floats,
And in the raft race lots of sinking boats.
Our village won the Village in Bloom prize,
Because it's so beautiful it was no surprise.
Carnival, Fete, Church and School,
We work together because we love them all.

by Tulsi

Su Carey - Head Teacher



Happy New Year to you all. January already! We are nearly half way through our school year - where has the time gone?

We have welcomed Willow, Summer, Charlotte, Adie, Sam, Max and Amber into Class 1, and Alfie, Adelade and Tulsi into Class 3 and 4. All our new children seem to have settled happily. As usual, our older children have made us very proud by taking the younger ones under their wings. Whether it be encouraging each other to eat their dinner or helping each other find things, our children are very good at looking after one another.

The lead up to Christmas is always busy and last term was no exception. The highlights were the whole school visit to the Panto in Barnstaple, visits to the Exmoor Zoo - very chilly but lots of fun - and, of course, the Senior Dudes Meal. Our Christmas service was wonderful and we were joined by lots of families and friends. The PTA were busy, too, with another very successful Curry and Quiz Night and the Christmas Bazaar, both raising funds for school.


The children had an extended holiday because of our inset days and so returned to school on the 10th January well rested. The term ahead looks a little quieter, at the moment, but we still have lots to look forward to including Aquasplash for Years 3 and 4, a visit from the Explorer Dome and Arts Week.

The whole school are working on a History topic this term. The children will be finding out about Britain since 1930. If anyone has any memories, pictures or artefacts that they would like to share with the children, please let us know. First hand experiences really help to bring history alive for the children. You don't necessarily need to come into school, though visits are welcome and can be arranged with the Head Teachers, letters, e-mails or even audio recordings would all be really helpful.

On Friday, 11th February, we shall be saying goodbye to our School Administrator, Barbara Jordan. Mrs. Jordan has worked at our school for over ten years and will be missed by us all. We shall be holding a special

assembly to share those precious memories and to say thank you and farewell.

Half Term: Monday 21st to Friday 25th February, inclusive

End of Term: Friday, 8th April

Start of Summer Term: Tuesday, 26th April

Su Carey - Head Teacher


Pictures by Johnnie Goring - Year 6



Kyle Davies [Aged 10]

1st in Class 4

1st Overall

Disnie Thornton [Aged 8]

1st in Class 3

2nd Overall

Jed Haines [Aged 5]

1st in Class 1

3rd Overall

Lydia Carless [Aged 6]

1st in Year 2

4th Overall

Hello from all of us at the school. Once again we've had a busy start to the school year.

We have welcomed Lawrence and Laura and their family to our school community and also Mr. Rees and Mrs. Wilkins as Teaching Assistants.

You may have heard our daily 'Wake and Shake' that happens in the playground at 8.55 a.m. every day [weather permitting, and we are a pretty hardy bunch!]. The whole school [children, staff and some brave parents] undertake an aerobic workout, lead by a group of children, to music. It really is a fun way to start the day and get our brains working.

We have also had a very successful Parents' Evening with 82% of families attending. This was a fantastic opportunity to share information about the year ahead with our parents. Sarah Peach, our Kitchen Manager, prepared some tempting samples from the current menu for parents to try. School dinners really are very tasty and nutritious these days and more than half our children now regularly have a school cooked meal at lunchtime. We hope to repeat Parents' Information Evenings in a similar format in future.

Two of our Year 6 boys, Connor and Oliver, have been selected at local trials to take part in a local Gifted and Talented PE programme. The boys have taken part in training with other gifted children from across the Learning Community and have been having a great time whilst pushing their skills to new heights!

Class 4 visited the Queen's Theatre to watch a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream in October, while the younger children went to the cinema as part of National Film Week.

The PTA have already held a Pamper Evening at The Globe and another very successful and fully booked Curry and Quiz Night. Plans are being made for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar. The PTA has kindly offered to pay for all the children to visit the Exmoor Zoo in the week before Christmas as a special treat.

We have a day of 'taster' activities planned for 26th November, when the children will take part in dance, art and drumming workshops and watch a science demonstration. These activities have been funded and organised through the Extended School Co-ordinator with the aim to give children the chance to have a go in the hope that they might identify something they would like to get involved with outside school.

Sadly, I am receiving, almost weekly, notification of cuts in funding and services that will affect our school and our children. The future continues to be 'interesting'! We value greatly the support of our local community. We already have a number of community volunteers who support our work. We should love more grown-ups to hear children read, but there are lots of other opportunities in which to get involved. If you have a particular skill that you would like to share or if you would just simply like to become part of the team and support in lessons, please give us a call. The number is [01271] 883493. The safety of our children is important to us and all volunteers would need to have a CRB and identity check.

All the children recently took part in a competition to design a Christmas Stamp. We were very impressed with their work and have included the winning designs for you to admire.

On behalf of the staff and children may I wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Sue Carey - Headteacher

Monday, 10th January Berrynarbor children back to school



We welcome Mr. Trefor Jones, Teacher for Years 3 and 4. We are pleased to welcome new pupils in Reception Class and Years 1, 2, 3 and 4, and hope they will enjoy their education at our school:

It's been a pretty 'full-on' start to the Autumn Term and all the children and staff returned to school full of energy and anticipation! We have lots of things planned for the months ahead.

The Wild Nights Out on 6th/7th September were unfortunately very wet but the children enjoyed the experience. However, Classes 1 and 2 had a wonderful sunny day for their outing on the Wednesday.

Music: We are thrilled that so many of our children are learning to play an instrument. We now have three teachers [Mrs. Barrow, Miss Collingham and Mrs. Jones] offering music lessons which can take place in school, either during or after the school day. Lessons cost £12 for 30 minutes or £8 for 20 minutes [small group lessons may also be available]. So far, the teachers are able to provide lessons for piano, keyboard, oboe, saxophone, singing, music theory, recorder, clarinet, violin, 'cello, viola and flute. Tuition for other instruments may be available - please ask.

Christmas Cards: The children will shortly be creating their very own Christmas Card drawings for their parents.

Junior Great North Run: Congratulations to Caitlin Burgess in Class 4 who completed the Run on 18th September in Newcastle. Caitlin ran in aid of ShelterBox.

Swimming: The whole school is attending Ilfracombe Swimming Pool over the next 10 weeks.

Pantomime - Aladdin: The whole school, along with the Pre-School, will be going to see Aladdin at the Queen's Theatre this year.

Samaritan's Purse - Shoe Box Appeal 2010: This is our 7th year of participating in the Shoe Box event and each year the children prepare more and more beautiful boxes. A leaflet is available from the School Office is you would like to take part in this scheme. If you would like to prepare a box at home, please bring it in to Mrs. Jordan after the half-term break, but not later than Friday, 5th November. Please remember not to seal the boxes, but use a rubber band or string. If you would like to donate some items which we could use to make up a box from the school, please send them in to Mrs. Jordan.

Senior Dudes' Christmas Meal: Class 4 will prepare this memorable meal which will take place on Monday, 13th December. Watch out for details in the Community Shop nearer the time.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



We said goodbye to Miss Vickery on the last day of term. She has been the temporary KS2 teacher during Mrs. Carey's absence, and we should like to thank her for her contributions to and support of our school.

Mr. Trefor Jones has been appointed Years 3 and 4 teacher from September and we welcome him to our school.

The School Fete took place on the 16th July and despite the weather turning to heavy rain half way through the evening, our PTA raised a magnificent £1,300! Thank you to everyone who came along to give their support.

Our End of Year Service took place in the church on the last day of term. This is a special time when we say farewell to our Year 6 leavers and wish them well in the next stage of their education. A memorable occasion for everyone.

Many of our children are learning to play a musical instrument. We now have three teachers - Mrs. Barrow, Miss Collingham and Mrs. Jones - offering music lessons which can take place in school either during or after the school day. So far our teachers are able to provide lessons for piano, keyboard, oboe, saxophone, singing, music theory, recorder, clarinet, violin, cello, viola and flute.

Stowford Farm Meadows have once again kindly offered us the use of one of their fields for our Wild Night Out. We are starting the new academic year off with this exciting opportunity.

We consider swimming to be an important skill for all children in our school. Unfortunately the school is unable to pay the full cost of the lessons and so we have to ask for parental contributions. Our lessons go beyond the National Curriculum requirement and our children swim more often than many other schools. In an attempt to minimise the cost further, we have booked swimming lessons for all children in the Autumn Term. A coach has been booked to shuttle children between school and the pool, giving us a total saving of more than 25% on transport compared to last year.

Looking well ahead, once again the whole school will be going to see Aladdin at the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple in December.

Enjoy the pictures children in Class 1 drew of the hanging baskets they saw whilst walking around the village.

Mary-Jane Newell, Acting Head-Teacher



Our Summer Term has got off to a great start. This is always a really busy term with lots of trips away and events taking place at school.

SAT's week commencing 10th May - Despite national speculation about the boycotting of the SAT's. our school participated in all the tests, including Science.

Classes 1 and 3 have started their 10 swimming sessions at Ilfracombe Swimming Pool and Year 2 and 3 are having tri-golf lessons here at school and will finish off with a tournament at Ilfracombe Golf club with other local schools. Mark Davies is the coach and he is spending many hours with all the schools, encouraging an interest in golf.

On Thursday, 13th May, Class 3 spent a day at The Exmoor Zoological Park with their teacher Miss Vickery. They had a talk from the Zoo Keeper about the teeth and eating habits of animals, followed by a grand tour, picnic lunch and ice-cream.

On Wednesday, 19th May, we were thrilled that the Tesco Great School Run 2010 agreed to come to our school for the afternoon. They invited the local media to come along and their Roadshow Team organised:

*         Fun PE-style games and activities

*         Music led aerobic warm up

*         Mini fun run with inflatable start/finish gantry

From 24th to 28th May, Mrs. Lucas and Class 4 will be off on their well-deserved residential trip to the Goblin Combe Environmental Centre near Bristol. Their week of camping will include visits to the Ice Rink, Cheddar Gorge, Clifton Suspension Bridge, @Bristol and other exciting activities.

Whilst they are away on the 27th May, Classes 1 and 2 will be spending a day at the Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in Combe Martin. This will include a picnic lunch and an ice-cream.

Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd July, a.m. only - Year 6 Bikeability Training

Mobile Phones - If you have any old mobile phones which you no longer require, please bring them in to school as we can obtain commission from a recycling company.


Billy - Year 5

School Fete - our Fete will take place on Friday, 16th July, from 6.30 p.m. at the Manor Hall. An annual event not to be missed! EVERYONE welcome.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mary -Jane Newell - Acting Headteacher

Pupils have been drawing flowers seen in the village. They are shown throughout the Newsletter.



We are pleased to welcome Lydia [Class 1], Harry [Class 3] and Finley Carless [Class 4] who have moved from Buckinghamshire with their mum, dad, grandma and grandpa to Berrynarbor. We hope they will be very happy at our School.

Congratulations to Sally and Mark Jefferys and Millie [Class 1] on the birth of George - 8lbs 5oz on 18th March. Everyone is doing well!

The Reverend Keith Wyer has been a wonderful supporter for all our pupils, parents, staff and governors for so many years, and it is with much sadness we learn that he is leaving us. We shall be making sure he is really busy between now and his departure time!

We've had a few events over recent weeks and our sincere thanks go to the helpers and supporters who make these events successful.

*         £181 was raised from the Bring and Buy and Cake Sale for Haiti on the 19th February.

*         The PTA Curry and Quiz Nite on 26th February raised £400 profit! The Manor Hall was full and everyone had a fantastic fun evening. Look out for the next one!

*         £80 was raised for Big Yellow Friday [Liver Disease Foundation] on the 5th March

*         We sold off unclaimed/un-named lost property for approximately £20.

We have received an 'All Clear' from our recent asbestos inspection.

Once again we are collecting the current promotion vouchers from Tesco and Sainsbury's. Being such a small school it takes a while to accumulate a large number. Please ask your friends and families to save them for us. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for the kind donation of £100 from two village members. The money has been used to buy screening trellis with planters and plants. Thank you also to the Community Shop for donating the Walt Disney Dinosaur books.

Our school took part in the lovely Mother's Day Service in the church and the children read their poems about 'My Mum'. Here are some for you to see:

My Mum
by Billy, Age 10

Mum you are great
You're more than a mate
Because you are my mum
And you are so much fun.
You care for me
Even before I was 3
You've helped me learn
And you ask none in return
Even when I'm bad
You never get mad
And I'd just like to say
I love you more each day.
by Kitty-May, age 7
M My Mum is so special to me
O She is the only Mum that is best for me
T She takes me on bicycle rides
H I love my Mum in my heart
E Sometimes she gets grumpy but I know every single day
she loves me and that's what counts
R When the rain comes down she makes sure I am warm.
My Mum
by Josh, age 5
My Mum loves me
My Mum kisses me
My Mum hugs me
My Mum cooks dinner
My Mum is lovely
My Mum helps me with my homework
I love you
My Mum
by Louis, age 5
My Mum does the lunch
My Mum does the feeding of my Little brother Ben
My Mum does the washing up
My Mum does the making of the beds
My Mum does the washing
I love my Mum.


Our Class 4 pupils will be cooking a 3-course meal for their parents on Friday, 26th March. They have chosen their menu and parents have made their choices. The children will spend the day preparing and cooking the food under the supervision of Mrs. Lucas and they will serve it and wait on tables in the evening.

We shall be having our usual Easter Egg Hunt before we break up and then our hectic schedule of summer activities starts on Monday, 19th April.

Thanks again for all the support we receive from the village.

Mary-Jane Newell - Acting Headteacher






Self Portraits by Millie, Henri and Hazel - Reception

Happy New Year from us all at the village school. We managed to stay open for most of the snowy start to term, despite the playground looking more like a skating rink!

Millie, Hazel and Henri have joined our Reception Class and we hope they will be very happy at Berrynarbor School. Their self-portraits accompany our news. We have now settled in to another term of exciting learning.

Just before Christmas, the children joined in with the Christmas Service at the Church. They really enjoyed the singing and we hope we can take part in a few more services in the future.

There are a couple of fund raising events we should like to bring to your attention:

Friday, 12th February: A Musical Evening with Chilli Supper in the Manor Hall, in conjunction with the Manor Hall Committee and Friday, 26th February: Our PTA are organising a Curry and Quiz Nite in the Manor Hall to raise funds for our school.



We have had a lovely addition to the school in the form of an impressive new fence to border the path down to the playground. We also have a few new additions in the form of 4 new children hoping to move to the area and we look forward to welcoming them when they arrive.

This term, as a school, we are trying to encourage the children to think about their Healthy Lunch Boxes, also Class 3 are doing a topic about World War II. If anyone has any stories, tales or memorabilia that they would consider sharing with the children, we should love to hear from you.

As ever, if there is anyone in the village who feels they have a moment or two to spare and would like to share any skill with the children, please feel free to get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you.

Mary-Jane Newell - Acting Headteacher



They have arrived! Our two expectant teachers have had their babies. Mrs. Carey had a baby boy on the 28th October, Gilbert William, weighing 9lbs 12oz! Unfortunately, Mrs. Barrow lost one of her twins at the birth, but has a lovely little girl, Ruby Susan, born on the 24th October and weighing 6lbs 1oz. We look forward to them coming in to school as soon as they can.

The rest of us carry on with many of our school Christmas traditions, including the Christingle and Christmas Fair on Tuesday, 8th December. The Senior Dudes Meal is on Monday, 14th December and the Christmas Service on Thursday, 17th December. The time and details of these events will follow - please look out for these in the Village Post Office.

We hope to put in a visit to the pantomime in Barnstaple. It is always a packed half term for us with lots to do and so little time in which to do it all.

We made a brave decision to put our 'occasional' days together at the end of the October half-term so parents could take children away out of term time and take advantage of cheaper holidays without taking them out of school. This we hope has worked better for everyone and we are very grateful to those parents that did use this time. With an overwhelming level of support for this idea, we may well be doing it again.

The lovely pictures accompanying our news are the winners of our school Design a Christmas Card competition.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and thank you for all your continued support.

Mary-Jane Newell - Acting Headteacher



We have had a lovely start to the year. The children have come back settled and ready to learn despite such miserable weather over the summer holidays. The whole school feels happy and our new teachers , Miss Lewis and Miss Slade, are very much part of the team already.

We have welcomed Keely-Rose, Jake, Louis, Jed, Ryan, Lola and Harry into Class 1 and Max into Class 3. All our new children have settled well and we are particularly proud of our oldest children who really seem to have taken on board the responsibility of being the 'big children' that the younger ones look up to. They have been helpful and kind as well as working really hard.

Year 5 started their Forest School last Monday and had a great time up in the woods. They came back to school suitably muddy and excited about all that they would be learning over the course.

This week has been a busy week as all our children have taken part in a Wild Night Out [7-11 year olds] or Wild Day Out [4-7 year olds] up at Stowford Farm Meadows. Mr and Mrs Noall kindly arranged for us to use a beautiful meadow near the woods and away from the main camp site. Their team of staff have been wonderful - helping to move kit bags and tents up and down the hill and even dragging huge logs out of the woods to make a sitting circle around the camp fire. I popped up to visit Class 3 -I couldn't stay away from the fun! - and was greeted with the heart-warming sight of a cosy looking camp with children charging around delighted to be in such a lovely setting with the freedom to run and play with their friends in the fresh air. The children have also been learning about the natural environment, experienced 'real darkness', and found out about the bugs that come out at night and how they are different to the daytime creatures that we are used to. They have visited the Petorama to handle and feed the animals and the older children also went swimming. Of course the children have had to learn to look after their belongings and survive for a night without home comforts and mum and dad to look after them - a challenge for some children for whom it was the first time away from home over night! It has been such a magnificent opportunity to start the year and we are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Noall for providing such a great venue and for popping up and down to check if we had everything that we needed. I am also hugely grateful to all the staff who worked so hard to get everything ready and gave up a good night's rest to take part in the experience with the children - particularly Mrs Lucas for doing most of the organising, Miss Lewis for being brave enough to camp for the first time ever and with 23 children in her charge, Mr and Mrs Balment for rolling up their sleeves and mucking in, and Mr Newell and Mrs Gooch for drawing the short straw and emptying the composting loos!

Next week we have our annual sponsored Woolacombe Beach Walk , which most of the children appear to think is a beach run! Then the week after we shall be celebrating our Harvest Festival. We have already started planning the Christmas festivities which will include a meal prepared and served by the children to the 'senior dudes' - but it is far too early to be talking about Christmas so I shall say no more for now.

Mrs Barrow will be starting her maternity leave at the end of the week and we all wish her well. I shall be starting my maternity leave at the beginning of October and will leave the school in Mrs Newell's very capable hands whilst I am away. I feel confident that this is going to be another good year for Berrynarbor Primary and I shall certainly miss everyone whilst I am away learning to be a mum.

Susan Carey - Headteacher



We are nearly at the end of another year - the time has flown by but when I look back at everything that we have done since September, it is not surprising that our feet don't seem to have touched the ground!

We have been lucky enough to enjoy three whole-school trips this term. In June we all went to RHS Rosemoor for a day of exploring the grounds and taking part in workshops on a range of science topics. Last week we all went to watch the Essex dance group perform at The Lantern. As usual, the dancers were inspirational to watch. Then on Friday, we all went to The Landmark to watch local young people perform another style of dance based around a poetry theme. All the trips were enjoyed by everyone and it has been fun to be able to do such lovely activities together as a school.

The whole school have also visited the beautiful Tinnerdy Farm. Tinnerdy's owner - Capt. Nick L'Deau - has encouraged a wonderful array of different habitats and ecosystems in the valley and a postbox trail for the children to find their way around. All the children have spent half a day at the farm in small groups and Nick has guided them through the history of the property and was on hand to answer the many questions about the flora and fauna. The children had a great time and we very much hope we might be able to visit Tinnerdy again at a different time of year to see how the habitat changes with the seasons [and as Alfie pointed out - "everything will look different so we can have the fun of finding the postboxes all over again - especially the one with chocolate hidden in it."]!

Our oldest children have had a particularly busy half term since their tests. They have been on a residential trip to Dartmoor, enjoyed a day at Ocean Fest, had an end of Year 6 treat on Exmoor [sponsored by the Round Table, to whom we are very grateful] and this week are undertaking Bikeability training. You will probably have seen them out on the local roads learning to cycle safely following the Highway Code.

Not to be left out, the younger children have taken part in a Tri-golf Festival held at Ilfracombe Golf Club with other local schools. Class 1 have visited the police station and have just finished their swimming lessons - nearly all of the children were swimming without arm bands which is quite impressive for 4-6 year olds!

We should all like to say a huge thank you to the parents who helped to transport children to various trips over the year helping us to keep the cost down for everyone. We are also very grateful to the PTA who have helped to fund many of the trips. Thank you from us all to the many people who have welcomed us to their property or place of work and done so much more to bring learning to life for our children.

I am sure you will all be as proud as I am to hear that without exception the children of Berrynarbor Primary have conducted themselves impeccably whilst out and about this year. I have had many messages and e-mails over the year complimenting our children on their polite manners and good attitude.

Our Sports took place on a beautiful afternoon at the end of June. All children took part and many family and friends came down to the field to support us. The PTA sold cream teas and a wonderful afternoon was had by all.

As many of you know, both Christina Barrow and I will begin our Maternity leaves in the Autumn term. We have been lucky enough to appoint Tania Slade and Amy Lewis to teach while we are away. Both Tania and Amy will start at the beginning of term so there will be some overlap between us but by starting the term with their new teachers, I am sure the children will have the continuity they need to make a great start to the year.

We shall end our year with our Summer Fair on Tuesday evening and then our Leavers' Service on Friday afternoon when we will say a fond farewell to Paige, Aimee, Lucy, Shannon, Tom, Verity, Matthew, Ellie, Isobel, James and Joe. We all wish them every success at their secondary schools. We will also say 'Goodbye and Thank You' to

Julia Fairchild who has served as a PTA member and Chair of our PTA for several years, helping to raise thousands of pounds to support school activities for all our children.

Over the summer holidays we shall be making some improvements to our school grounds and buildings. Our caretaker, Mr Colton, will be rebuilding the steps to Class1, the windows in Class 1 will be replaced, the kitchen floor will be renewed and a new servery fitted and we are hoping to have the external windows repainted. We have also been advised that a number of trees in our playground need to be pollarded. It is with regret that we will see some beautiful trees reduced in size and we'll certainly miss the shade they provide. However, following a comprehensive tree survey conducted on behalf the local authority recently, we have been told that there is no other way of ensuring the safety of the children and neighbouring properties in any future inclement weather.

Sue Carey - Headteacher


In spite of dubious weather, the Summer Fair was another successful evening, raising over £1,750. Congratulations to all concerned.

We thank all the staff at the school for the exceptional support, encouragement and care they take of their pupils, and wish Christina and Sue healthy and happy maternity leaves - we'll look forward to hearing about the safe arrivals of their little ones.




As I am writing this, I am sure that lots of the children from our school are busy preparing for the week ahead.

The Year 6 children will start a week of national tests on the 11th May [SATs]. They will sit nine tests in total over the week and have been working very hard in preparation. At the beginning of the year when the children return to school after the summer break, the tests and the children's transition to secondary school seems so far away. Mrs Lucas always has a huge list of 'learning to get through' - the task seems so big it appears impossible! However, once again Mrs Lucas has worked her magic and with the children's perseverance they are ready to show the world how great they are and with a little prod in the right direction, they'll be ready to move on to 'big school' in just a couple of months!

The children and Mrs Lucas have planned to escape to the woods after their last test on Friday and I know that lunch cooked over the fire and the chance to relax and play some games will be a great incentive to keep them going during their tiring week.

Years 3 and 4 are off to Simonsbath House on the 11th May for a three day residential. The children will try a mixture of outdoor adventurous activities and geography field studies. For some it will be the first time away from home. On Friday the children were VERY excited - some had already been packed and ready to go for days! I'm sure we'll have a great time and our absence will hopefully give the older children some space to settle to their tests.

Not to be left out, Class 1 start their swimming lessons on 11th May, Class 2 join us at Simonsbath for the day on Tuesday and then all of KS1 will be off to explore Tinnerdy on Wednesday!

So as I said, I'm sure that as I write children will be packing [or repacking again!], finding swim gear, wellies and sunscreen, revising or just relaxing and thinking through just what the week ahead has in store for them.


James Uzzell [11]


Isobel Moore [10]


Daisy Wyatt [10]


Ellie Gray [10]


Lucy Fairchild [10]


Bradley Watkins [5]


Dates of events coming up: EVERYONE WELCOME!

Monday, 29th June: Sports Day from 1.00 p.m. on the Village Field
Thursday, 9th July; 'Annie', the Musical, will be performed by Class 4 in
the Manor Hall at 6.30 p.m.
Tuesday, 14th July: School Fete, Manor Hall, 6.30 p.m.

Watch the School notice board outside the Community Shop for more information and updates.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Spring is here and the children are certainly enjoying the sunshine. It is amazing how a bit of fine weather can change the atmosphere in the playground! It is great to be able to get the children out and about again - long may it continue.

It has been an interesting winter and I think we shall all remember the snow! It was quite magical to take the children out into the garden as the first few flakes fell - for many of them it was the first snowfall they had experienced and to describe the atmosphere amongst them as electric would be an understatement! Children were vying to catch the most flakes and marvelling at their beauty [that first sprinkling really did have some rather fine examples of perfect snow, didn't it?]. It really is one of the great joys of teaching to be able to share such a wonderful experience with the children.

After all the excitement and disruption of the snow, we are now gearing up for what looks to be another busy summer. Year 6 are off to London next week-end - the trip planned for February had to be cancelled as we were concerned that the adverse weather conditions could mean that we wouldn't be able to get the children home. I have to say, the children weren't too bothered by this prospect and were very disappointed when I had to cancel. However, once again Mrs. Lucas came to the rescue and after walking into school on one of the 'closed due to snow' days to collect the paperwork, she spent the day on the 'phone and persuaded all the companies involved to rebook the trip at no extra cost! So the children will be off on Sunday to the bright lights of London.

Class 4 and Class 3 are preparing for residential visits to Plymouth and Simonsbath, not to mention a

whole host of sporting fixtures and experiences. Years 2, 3 and 4 will be taking part in a singing celebration with children from other schools in the local area. Singing is a bit of a theme in Class 3 at the moment, with the children rehearsing to take the lead in the Easter Service - at 9.00 a.m. on Friday, 3rd April, to which you would all be warmly welcome - and where they will tell the story of the Selfish Giant.

In addition to the usual summer festivities, we shall also be receiving a visit from the Bishop and, with the Rev. Wyer's help, are hoping to do a mini 'Journey Through Time' presentation.

Watch the notice board for more news.

Sue Carey - Headteacher

Enjoy the delightful pictures of spring dafffodils that Josh, Mo, Johnny and Kyle have drawn. Josh's picture has been chosen to illustrate the article Rural Reflections.

Kyle Age 7

Mo Age 8

Johnny Age 9



Happy New Year from us all at Berrynarbor VC Primary School! Christmas seems so long ago now.

It all started for us on 5th December with our very first Festive Bingo in The Globe. It was a fun filled evening and we hope the first of many Bingo evenings to come. The school took on a theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas and all the children helped adorn the classrooms with leaping lords, piping pipers, flocks of birds and golden rings. A few days later we enjoyed our tradition Christingle Service which was followed by the Christmas Bazaar, raising over £300 for PTA funds. Class 1 wowed us all with their slightly alternative nativity [complete with elephants], Mary was suitably serene and the play helped us all to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Classrooms 3 and 4 were transformed once again to accommodate record numbers of 'senior dudes' at the Christmas meal hosted by the very talented cooks, waiters and waitresses of Class 4, expertly lead by Mrs. Lucas. Class 3 enjoyed a Friday Night Sleepover - a reward for their good work and responsible attitudes. We had a great time playing traditional Christmas party games that I remember from my childhood and the children slept remarkably well [even if I didn't!].

The term was finished off with a day of thinking about others and our Christmas Carol Service when the children performed 'Bells Ring Out'. After only a week of rehearsals [though some with expert tuition thanks to Stuart], the children sang and read beautifully.

Karina joined our school just before Christmas and this term we have welcomed Reuben, Poppy, Josh and Ptolemy into Class 1, and Isabel, Oli and Dan into Class 3 [see pictures].

Our big news this term is that we have managed to secure tickets for our oldest children to see a ballet at the Royal Opera House and if that weren't enough, the children will be visiting the Houses of Parliament and a number of other cultural and historical attractions too. Mrs. Lucas,

Mrs. McEntee and ten children will be travelling to London for three days in just a few weeks time. We are thrilled for the children to have such an exciting opportunity.

The children at Berrynarbor Primary are really very lucky - many of the additional opportunities, additional support and experiences are available because of the many parents and friends who volunteer their time and energy. We should like to thank those who have continued to support the work of the school so generously over the past year.

Sue Carey - Headteacher











The year is flying by and we are already planning hard for the many Christmas events that are coming up! We sent our shoe boxes of goodies to the Samaritan's Purse earlier this week and it is good to think that the boxes will be taking our best wishes to children across the world in time for the festive season.

Looking back over the school year so far, there have already been many highlights - a very muddy Wild Night Out for the oldest children and a Space Odyssey for the whole school, to name a couple. This week the children have been learning about road safety with the help of our Chair of Governors and local PCSO Katie Simpson. You might have seen the children around the village sporting our new high visibility bibs, purchased to improve the safety of the children when out and about - you'll certainly be able to see us coming now, even if we do resemble a class full of satsumas! Next week the national focus on anti-bullying will see our Year 6 children going to the college for a morning of art and drama with children from primary schools across the Local Learning Community.

Our philanthropy continues this year with fund raising for Breast Cancer care, Children in Need and the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal, already totalling over £200. The older children's efforts to organise a bring and buy sale in aid of the Poppy Appeal followed work to find out about the British Legion and the sacrifice made by so many during the world wars and subsequent conflicts. Five of the older pupils represented the school at the Service of Remembrance held at the War Memorial in Ilfracombe, whilst the rest of the school observed the two minutes of silence in their classrooms.

Our work to improve the school environment continues with the addition of PC's in Classes 2, 3 and 4. The children and staff are enjoying the flexibility that this new resource offers and we hope to extend their use by offering after-school access to computers and the internet by the spring.

We continue to build on the excellent academic standards achieved last year. Our focus on improving writing has led us to adopt the Big Writing Programme. The children are making good progress, writing for sustained periods independently of their teacher. I have included for publication a piece of writing by Dylan of which we are all particularly proud. He wrote a description of Bonfire Night and his mastery of the English language at just five years old should be applauded and celebrated by us all. Dylan is one of the many children making excellent progress - watch the notice board outside the shop for more examples of work to be admired.

On the 8th November we organised a day out/shopping trip to IKEA and Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. It was an excellent day and 42 people came on the trip - already we have had enquiries for a similar event for next year! £195 was raised for school funds - a big thank you to everyone for your support.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Kayleigh Hinsley - Class 3: 3rd

Oliver Ivan - Class 2: Joint 2nd

Megan Webb - Class 2: 3rd

Molly Marangone - Class 1: 1st and The Men's Institute Cup

Louis Orr - Class 1: Joint 2nd

Ella Gibson - Class 1: Joint 2nd

Sam Walls - Class 1: 3rd



We've been back to school for a week and the children are in to the familiar routines. Our Caretaker has worked wonders over the holiday and has painted two classrooms and two toilets, and we have had a good sort out! We started the term with the school looking shipshape and the children are trying hard to keep it looking that way!

This year we are concentrating on improving our ICT facilities, continuing to develop the teaching of writing and helping the children to become more responsible for themselves, their learning and their actions. Our new mantra is 'Is this my best?' We'd love to hear any examples of children 'being their best' to be good citizens outside school.

Later this term we'll have a whole school theme week entitled 'Around the World'. Each class will be finding out about a country and then presenting what they have learnt to the rest of the school. The countries that we have chosen are China, Mexico and Nepal. If anyone can help us with photos, artefacts, stories or a knowledge of the language of these countries and is able to support us with this theme, we'd love to hear from you.

By the time you read this, we will have celebrated European Day of Languages when we hope to give the children the opportunity to hear, see and experiment with using lots of differing languages.

Our plans for Christmas include a Christmas Giving Day when the children will be encouraged to give something back to the community. We are hoping to sing to you, deliver cards and pack food boxes for a local charity to distribute to disadvantaged people over Christmas. We shall conclude the day with our Christmas Service in the Church. We hope these activities will help us all to reflect on the true spirit of the season. If you have any ideas for this special day, please get in touch.

A final plea would be for any handy person who might be able to restore a poorly Singer hand sewing machine back to working order! I acquired the machine from the tip in the hope of being able to teach the children to use it, but do not have the skill to get it running again.

After a few hitches, we are trying to use the notice board outside the village shop to let you all know of up and coming events, and to share our successes with you. We welcome the involvement of the wider Berrynarbor community with the life of the school and hope that you will join us at some of the events listed:

3rd October - Harvest Festival

8th November - Coach Trip to IKEA & Cribbs Causeway [see separate notice]

8th December - Christingle Service followed by the Christmas Fair

15th December - 'Senior Dudes'' Meal

18th December - Christmas Service and Giving Day

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Hello All

I am writing this at the end of a very, very busy term.

The children finished school last Friday and are hopefully now enjoying the wonderful sunshine that is streaming in through the office window as I write this. During the term we have had no less than three inspections! Ofsted, SIAS [church school inspection] and a full audit. All these inspections happen at short notice, but they don't usually happen all at the same time! The Ofsted inspection report is available on the Ofsted website and the SIAS one is available on the National Society website.

There is so much news to fill you in with, so I shall try not to ramble!

We launched into the Summer Term with a 'Body Week'. The children learnt about how to keep their bodies fit and well, what a balanced diet looks like, and with much giggling, about what that balanced diet should look like when it comes out at the 'other end'!

Year 6 were working hard in preparation for their SATs exams when we received a call from Ofsted saying that they would be visiting us the following week. After a slight panic about how we could accommodate our inspectors - with all available space already being used for exams - and working out how I could be released from my teaching commitment to enable me to be interviewed by the inspectors - without the use of supply teachers - and with all our staff already at full stretch supporting the children with the SATs, we were able to show them just how good our school is. The inspectors were 'housed' in the church vestry, and we are very grateful to the church members for opening up and allowing us to use the church.

Two days later, two auditors arrived to go through all our systems, policies and paperwork - another arduous few days. And then came the SIAS inspector, looking at our 'Christian Distinctiveness'!

Of course school life doesn't stop because of these gruelling inspections and we all worked hard to make sure that children's learning wasn't affected by the additional pressure we were under. Having had a chance to evaluate the end of term assessments, I am pleased to report that children across the school are doing brilliantly, with most pupils meeting challenging academic targets and many exceeding them. Our Year 6 SATs results arrived back in school a little later than expected, but we are delighted with the results - all of our children achieved the levels of attainment expected nationally and many exceeded them. Two of our Year 6 pupils astounded us with writing which received full marks - a result never heard of before but very well deserved. Alongside this academic progress and success, we have continued with our programme of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

Year 1 and Reception children have been enjoying a 10-week course of swimming lessons. Year 6 pupils travelled to the Fremington Army Camp to take part in a packed afternoon of safety training, delivered by emergency and health care services. Class 4 took part in a giant Ukulele orchestra at Ilfracombe College which gave them the opportunity to show off their new skills. Following a visit from my old school in Bristol, Class 4 went to Glenfrome for a couple of days, exploring their very different local environment.

The next week Class 4 were off to the Exmoor Centre for a week of outdoor fun. At the end of June, Years 4 and 5 took part in a cricket festival at Lynton whilst Year 6 had volleyball coaching with Combe Martin School.

Our Sports Day was blessed with perfect weather and we had a lovely afternoon of races which was well supported by families and friends. The PTA was great as usual - organising equipment and shelter from the sun and then selling cream teas to the spectators.

Class 3 spent a night under canvas at Daisy's Farm and enjoyed exploring the farm and woods during the day and night! Year 6 took part in a sports festival in Ilfracombe and then joined Years 1 to 5 at The Landmark Theatre for the fabulous performance by the Essex Dancers.

The following day, Class 4 performed their show 'Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat'. Year 6 were then off for another day out - this time to the Eden Project with a stop at Pizza Hut on the way home - a treat for all their hard work.

The last week of term saw KS1 visiting the Tunnels Beaches, play space and the Ilfracombe Museum and then, of course, we had our Summer Fete.

Once again the PTA performed the minor miracle which is needed to organise such a wonderful event which raised a huge £2,068 with the fantastic support of the Berrynarbor community.

On the last Wednesday of term, the children enjoyed a performance and hands-on workshops by a group of Ugandan musicians. Then, at the very end of term we said our tearful goodbyes to Joe, Charlotte, Skye, Kayleigh, Sally, Daisy, Tia, Henry, Gareth, Jack and Lewis, who we send on to secondary education with good wishes and fond memories. The outgoing Year 6 had the traditional BBQ and water fight where they soaked each other and any adults crazy enough to go anywhere near the playground. Even Mr. Newell's carefully researched purchase of a super-size water-gun, automated water pistol and water bomb launcher was no match for the energy and enthusiasm of children allowed to 'get their own back'!

As you can imagine, we are all exhausted and definitely need some summer sun to recharge our batteries. The staff enjoyed an afternoon relaxing together and are [hopefully] now beginning to unwind and start thinking about how we can make 2008-9 even better than this year. We are already planning more development to further improve our English curriculum, an e-safety week, some more camping trips for the autumn term and an international theme week - any ideas, resources or photos about China, Mexico or Nepal would be gratefully received.

The events I have summarised are just a brief snippet of some of the things we've been up to during the last couple of months. All this happens because of the dedication of the wonderful staff team and the support from parents, grandparents and members of the community who give up their time to make our little school such a special place to be. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year.

Susan Carey - Headteacher



Our SATs tests took place during the week commencing 12th May. This is a stressful time for our pupils and for a special treat they went to the Go Kart Centre in Barnstaple at the end of their tests. During SATs week we also received a visit from the Ofsted Inspectors.

On the 10th June we shall be having a whole-school photograph taken. It's many years since the last one and we are hoping for a nice, sunny day!

Ron Toms kindly came in to meet Classes 2 and 3 because we had been learning all about village life, past and present. We took photographs and recorded his visit. We had a lovely afternoon and the children were really interested and listened intently.

We have this year's leavers reunion with last year's leavers on the 11th June. They have party food and lots of fun, and chat and share experiences about their life at secondary school since they left Berrynarbor.

Our older children will be going on their annual residential trip to the Exmoor Centre for a week on the 16th June, and they are all looking forward to a week away from school! Lots of exciting activities planned - part of the time they will be sleeping indoors and the remainder of the time they will be camping.

After-school clubs are well supported. This term we have Football [Scott Balment and Joe Ivan] until June, and then Athletics takes over; Recorder [Maria Howell]. Guitar [Mack Gray] and Gardening [Julia Fairchild].

Plans are well underway for the School Fete on Tuesday, 15th July. If anyone would like to run a stall at the fete, please contact the school office on [01217] 883493. Thank you.

The pencil drawings of Spring Flowers are the work of pupils in Reception and Year 1.

Susan Carey - Headteacher

Elyse Richards [6]

Disnie Thornton [6]

Ella Gibson [6]

Kitty-May Barten [5]

Molly Marangone [6]

Ellie Saxby [6]



We have all been enjoying the snippets of sunshine over the past few days and are looking forward to the summer. The children [and adults] have been working hard and the warmth did wonders in giving us all a lift. We have had a new window fitted in Class 3 and the sunlight is streaming in.

Both Classes 3 and 4 have been learning about finances over the past term and have run two separate fund raising days. Class 4 raised money for the Dogs' Trust. A lady came in with one of the dogs and spoke to all the classes about responsible pet ownership and how the money that they children raised would be used. Class 3 raised money for The Children's Liver Disease Foundation and organised a day of yellow themed activities.

You may have seen us in the Journal.

Class 1 has enjoyed a jump rope festival at Ilfracombe College. The children joined with other pupils from local schools to practise skipping and jumping skills. They had a lovely morning and came back bouncing with energy. Class 4 have travelled to Combe Martin Primary School for a netball tournament. Mrs. Lucas was very proud of the sportsmanship shown by our oldest children.

We celebrated Easter with our Easter Service on the Thursday. The youngest children presented work about springtime and new life; the oldest children retold the Easter story using drama and Class 3 considered the commercial side of Easter.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some visitors from Bristol! Children from Mrs. Carey's old school are coming to Berrynarbor. The children will be working on some science with Class 4 at the beach. A return visit to Bristol is planned for the summer term.

CAN YOU HELP? We are keen to improve our lunchtime activities. At the moment the children eat their dinner and then play in the playground. If we had another adult on duty at lunchtime, we could extend opportunities for play and recreation to other parts of the school. We have advertised repeatedly for Lunchtime Assistants to no avail. Do you know anyone who could work in our School over lunchtime? Training is available and we really are a nice bunch of people to be with!


Berrynarbor VC Primary School


We are pleased to welcome Anna, Zoe, Indiana, Freya and Bradley to our Reception intake for January. We should also like to welcome James to our Year 5 group. We hope they will all be happy and fulfilled during their education at our school.

Katy, our temporary Kitchen Manager, has finished her temporary position with us and we thank her for our lovely school dinners - Sarah has returned from maternity leave and we look forward to more lovely school dinners! George has now relinquished his post as temporary Caretaker and we are grateful for all his hard work, we will miss him. We say 'Hello' to William, our new Caretaker, and hope he will be happy with us.

Senior Dudes Christmas Meal - once again, this was a great success. 35 senior dudes came along for the Christmas evening. The children prepared and served the wonderful turkey dinner, with all the trimmings, and sang carols to our guests. Some memorable photos of the event are here for you to see.

Spring Term 2008 - The children all returned from their Christmas break full of excitement and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, we have been hit by the much-publicised flu virus which seems to have dragged on a bit and our numbers have been somewhat depleted. We are looking forward to some improved weather to get us all back on track again. We have received many enquiries from parents and residents within the village to

Come and help at school on a voluntary basis. All our volunteers are CRB cleared to enable them to be involved in working with children.

Years 2, 3 and 4 are embarking on their 10 sessions of swimming instruction this term and Reception and Year 1 will have their tuition during the Summer Term. Swimming is part of the curriculum and it is vital our children know how to swim living in a seaside locality.

The Fire Service will be coming in to give a safety talk to our Years 2 and 5/6. We've had lots of wet weather playtimes and the children are hoping for snow ... not something I'm sure you are wishing for!

Love from us all at Berrynarbor School.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



We are pleased to welcome Bill and Disnie to our School. They have moved from Nuneaton and we wish them and their families lots of happiness in North Devon.

We also have two new Governors. The Governing Body works hard to support the school and we are delighted to welcome Mrs. Linda Balment as Community Governor and Mrs. Sian Barten as Parent Governor.

Operation Christmas Child We have received a lovely selection of filled and wrapped shoe boxes to bring hope and a smile to some of the world's poorest children. These have now been delivered to a centre in Barnstaple shortly. This is now an annual undertaking for our school and the children put a lot of effort and thought into preparing their special gift boxes, even putting in their favourite toy for someone else to enjoy just as much as they have.

Children In Need On Children in Need day, pupils and staff all went to school in their pyjamas! To raise money, they made a trail of 1p and 2p pieces and cooked Pudsey Bear biscuits. Photos were taken throughout the day and a sum of £78.21p was raised.

Christingle We shall be holding our Christingle in the Church at 9.15 a.m. on Monday, 10th December. This is a magical time and everyone is welcome to come and join us. The service will last approximately 30 minutes.

'Senior Dudes' Christmas Evening Dinner Children from our Years 5 and 6 will be cooking this special dinner on Thursday, 13th December, for the Senior Citizens of Berrynarbor. It starts at 5.00 p.m. and will be finished by approximately 6.30 - 7.00 p.m. This is always a very popular evening and if you would like to come along, please call in at the Community Shop and put your name on the list so that the children can send you an invitation. Numbers are restricted, so please get your name on the list as soon as possible.

School End of Term Christmas Service Our end of term service will take place in the Church on Monday, 17th December at 2.30 p.m. We should very much like to welcome you all to join us for this occasion.

We break up for Christmas on Wednesday, 19th December and return to school on Thursday, 3rd January 2008.

Hockey Mrs. Lucas is very keen to teach hockey to our oldest children. Unfortunately, we do not have enough suitable hockey sticks. If anyone has any unwanted hockey sticks that they feel able to lend or donate, we should love to hear from you.

On behalf of the Pupils, Staff and Governors,

we should like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and

Prosperous New Year. Thank you for all the support which

the village offers to the School throughout the year.

Susan Carey - Headteacher



It's great to be back at the beginning of a new academic year. We are working to a new timetable this term and have lots of exciting and inspiring projects and activities planned. The children have settled back into school well and Year 2 is enjoying their new classroom.

Nine of our Year 6 pupils have moved on to secondary education. We are pleased to welcome six new pupils in to our Reception Class, three more are due to start after Christmas. We have one place available in our Reception group, one in Year 5 and one in Year 1. Could you please convey this information to anyone you may know who is looking for a place for their child.

Driving and parking in Berrynarbor Village - a number of concerns are still being expressed at the speeds people drive through the village. The safety of everyone is important - to avoid congestion, we are urging our parents and visitors to use the free car park and not the roadway by the church.

A very big thank you for the wonderful support at our School Fayre in July. £1,880 was raised towards school funds.

We shall be holding our Harvest Festival on the 26th September at Moules Farm, Castle Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Richards have very kindly given permission for us to hold it in their field, but if the weather is not good, we shall use their barn. We shall be supporting the Drop-In Centre for the Homeless in Barnstaple and donations of tinned items [ring-pull if possible, beans, soups, vegetables, desserts, etc.] would be most welcome. We should also like to receive fresh produce which will be auctioned at the end of the service, proceeds from this to go to Water Aid.

I was delighted to be invited to present the prizes at the Horticultural Show at the beginning of September. Such wonderful support and an exceedingly high standard of entries. Our children enjoyed preparing their entries and we were excited at how well we did in the prize and trophy stakes! These events take a lot of planning and organising and Berrynarbor is very lucky to have such a wonderful team dedicated to making the Show such a success.

Mrs. Lucas will be holding the Evening Dinner in December for the Berrynarbor Senior Citizens. Please keep a look out for details which will be available in the Community Shop.

Another big thank you, for all the Tesco Computers for Schools vouchers which were dropped in to the Community Shop for us. We have collected 10,890 this year, which is a great achievement for a small school like ours and have carried these forward to next year's scheme - we now have a total of 17,911 including last year's vouchers.

Susan Carey - Headteacher

Berrynarbor VC Primary School [01271] 883493.



Phew! It seems like only yesterday that I was writing for the village news and a whole half term has nearly whizzed by already. Once again it has been a busy time for the children and staff here at Berrynarbor VC Primary School.

We are all very proud to announce that our Year 6 children all did brilliantly in their recent national tests. All of them achieved the nationally expected level of attainment [level 4] in Mathematics, English and Science and many achieved level 5's. These super results reflect the hard work and commitment of all of the pupils and their families. I know the children would like me to thank Mrs. Lucas in particular for her help and support - she really is one in a million!

But of course we don't just teach children English, Maths and Science at Berrynarbor VC. I think some classes have been learning away from the classroom more than they have been in it this term [and have got wet on more days than they have stayed dry!]. Year 6 have been to the area Life Skills event where they learnt about keeping themselves and others safe. They were taught by experts from the police, health service, fire service, St John Ambulance and coast guard who packed a huge amount of information into just two hours. A few weeks later Years 5 and 6 were off again, this time to Oceanfest where they spent an active day on the beach. The children

were really impressed with the air show and must have enjoyed the sand because they bought most of the beach back with them to spread around school!

Class 3's classroom was transformed into a one-night-only Berrynarbor Bistro and the children in Years 5 and 6 served their parents a delicious three course meal which they had all helped to prepare and cook. The children waited at the tables dressed smarty in black and white with bow ties for the boys. We all had a brilliant night and we were once again very proud of the children.

Last week Year 6 undertook cycle training. Mrs Draper, one of our parents, supported by another parent and Chair of Governors, Katie Simpson, taught the children who all passed.

Classes 1 and 2 have both enjoyed a day at Watermouth Castle, courtesy of the Haines family, as a treat for all of their hard work and good behaviour. The children walked to the castle in double quick time to arrive for a picnic lunch before exploring the sights, sounds, rides and many delights of the castle and its gardens. It was a very happy, if tired, group of ice- cream smeared children [and grown-ups] that met the parents at the end of the day.

33 children from KS2 came to school one weekend to raise money for Child Line. They took part in the Giant Sleep Over and brought their sleeping bags to school to spend the night sleeping [eventually ?!] on the classroom floor. They had such fun that night that when Mrs Hodder came into cook us breakfast early on Sunday morning, she couldn't get in as

we were all still fast asleep! Thankfully, she enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the village and came back later to cook us a tasty breakfast.

A team of children from Class 2 entered the West Down 5-a-side football tournament at the end of June. They had trained hard and did very well on the day. They played against some much bigger children but showed great resilience and a fabulous sporting attitude. The team was coached by one of our dads - Mr Scott Balment - who continues to voluntarily coach the children in a variety of sporting disciplines.

Our Sports Day finally happened following two cancellations due to inclement weather. All the children took part in at least one of the 36 events. Our PTA worked as diligently as ever to erect shelters for the classes and provide refreshments for the supporters and Mrs Balment and Mrs Barton organised medals and certificates for the children. The morning was enjoyed by all and it was great to see so many people supporting the children in their sporting efforts.

The whole school visited the Landmark Theatre to watch the Essex Dancers. A vibrant and energetic 45 minutes later we were all inspired by what can be achieved when children work together. A few days later our Class 3 children were performing themselves in a musical show - The Sound of Music.

The children have worked with an artist to create a second outdoor sculpture. They worked collaboratively to produce a multicoloured turtle which now looks very much at home hanging on the wall outside Class 2 - please come and have a look.

Perfect weather made our School Fayre another great success. Lots of friends and families turned out to peruse the many stalls, take their chance on the games and raffles and help our hard working PTA to raise an impressive £1879.56 [gross]. Our PTA has kindly agreed to use the funds to help us upgrade our ICT facilities. A very big thank you from us all to the dedicated team of organisers for their hard work, to the many businesses and individuals who contributed prizes and items for sale and to everyone who came along and spent their money!

We are hoping to continue to offer a rich variety of learning experiences to our children and are moving to topic based learning in the afternoons next year. This learning can be greatly enriched by the children seeing real things and meeting a variety of people. If you have suggestions of how we can develop the curriculum or if you have skills or memories that you would like to share with the children we should love to hear from you. In particular we are on the hunt for wooded areas near to school that we could use to extend our Forest Schools programme to the younger children.

As the end of the term draws near we wish farewell and good luck to our Year 6's as they move on to secondary education. We are confident that they will do well and look forward to hearing about their exciting new

grown-up lives when they come back to visit us. Ella, Henry, George, Anna, Shayna, Alex, Gemma, Robbie and Sarah - you will be missed by us all and we wish you every success in your futures.

And a final note to say thank you to all the parents and members of the community who have done so much to support the children and staff this year. I have been here for nearly a whole term now and really feel that Berrynarbor VC Primary is a very special place to be.

Sue Carey - Headteacher



Hello, my name is Susan Carey and I am the new Head Teacher at Berrynarbor VC Primary School. I arrived after Easter and already feel very at home in our wonderful village school. I have been made to feel very welcome by the children and their parents and am being well supported by the committed team of staff and governors.

Children, parents, staff and school governors joined together to bid farewell to Mrs. Crutchfield at the end of the Spring Term - the children sang and presented her with gifts and flowers. We all wish her well in her new position as Head Teacher at Caen Primary School in Braunton.

We have had a very busy start to the Summer Term. We made the best of the good weather and have started a range of after-school clubs. The children thoroughly enjoy these opportunities to pursue their interests in a range of hobbies including recorders, football, choir, netball and guitar. Clubs are run by members of staff or parents who give up their time for the benefit of the children. Lee Barrow [coach and scout for Plymouth Argyll] will be running after-school training for six weeks later in the term and children are already enthusiastically signing up.

Parent Mrs. Fairchild has been visiting us weekly to work with groups of children from Classes 1 and 2 in the garden. They have been tidying planters and sowing seeds. The children look forward eagerly to 'their turn' at gardening and we thank Mrs. Fairchild for her continued support. Class 1 are learning about how things grow this term and the children have created some pictures for you to enjoy.

A Bean Growing in a Jar

Miles Rees, Year 1 [6]
Jak Daglish, Reception [5]

Caitlin Burgess, Year 1 [6]

Ellie Saxby, Year 1 [5]

Class 3 have been working with Mr. McMannus to learn to play tag rugby and Class 2 have been swimming each week. I have been impressed by the children's confidence and ability in the water - such an important skill in this coastal region. Class 3 will start swimming again after the half term break.

The oldest children have been preparing for their end of key stage tests [SATs] which they sat this week. As I write the children are returning from the beach - a treat for all their hard work. We are very proud of the responsible attitude that the children have shown towards these tests. They have studied hard and I am sure will obtain results to be proud of.

We have been experimenting with our ten new keyboards which were purchased for us by our hard working PTA. The Combe Martin Carnival Committee have kindly donated £150 to the school which we shall use to purchase some head phones so that the children are able to use the keyboards more regularly - the acoustics in our beautiful old build are good but unfortunately the sound insulation between classrooms wasn't designed for our very creative children!

Years 5 and 6 will be travelling to Bristol on Monday to start their week-long residential visit. Mrs. Lucas has an action packed programme planned for them: orienteering, a visit to @Bristol, a boat trip around Bristol's waterways, guided tour of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, visits to Cabot Tower and the Red Lodge and a trip to Bristol Zoo. All these experiences will help to bring the curriculum alive.

The PTA are already planning our Summer Fete which will be held during the evening of 17th July. I have heard that it is an event not to be missed and I am looking forward to meeting members of the Berrynarbor community. We are also planning an afternoon of sports to be held on the Parish field on Thursday, 28th June [or Friday, 6th July if the weather doesn't hold]. The PTA are organising refreshments and we are hoping that our young athletes will be well supported by family and friends of the school. The money raised by the PTA will help to fund the upgrading of our ICT facilities.

As a school we are at the beginning stages of planning strategic developments for the next three years. We feel very strongly that our role is to prepare the children for their future so that they are able to take their place in the community as responsible citizens. To that end we shall be considering how we deliver the curriculum to our children and would welcome the support and involvement of the village community. If you have any suggestions, skills or expertise or if you would like to know more about what we are doing, we'd love to hear from you.

Susan Carey - Head Teacher



We have had a busy Spring Term and survived the seasonal colds and bugs as well as inclement weather.

Firstly, the staff and children at the school would like to extend a very big thank you to our wonderful Friends of Berrynarbor School who continue to offer exceptional support to the school. Through fundraising events we have been provided with 10 keyboards to enhance music lessons [with headphones, I hasten to add!]. We have also received the gift of a whole-class set of waterproofs for all of our adventures in the Sterridge Valley.

We have received an award for providing children with an active and health focussed curriculum - The P.E.D.P.A.S.S. Award. This award also provided new playtime equipment worth £150 to encourage active playtimes. So, well done to all our staff for offering such a rich and varied programme of learning indoors and out.

In January and February, Class 2 wrote and created a class play based on a West African traditional story - The Leopard's Drum. The story tells how the tortoise may have earned his tough, hard shell. We visited Exmoor Zoological Park to find out more about some of the animals we were focussing on. We also supported the Park in their campaign to raise funds for Lemurs in Madagascar.

Reuben Noall, Year 2

Oliver Ivan, Year 2

Callum Rudd, Age 7

Macy Ivan, Year 2

Caolan Darch, Age 8

Lastly, I should like to say a fond farewell to you all. I am due to become the new Head Teacher at Caen Primary School in Braunton after Easter. I have enjoyed my four years as Head of Berrynarbor School. This school has a wonderful atmosphere of friendliness and calm which is very special. Especial thanks to Reverend Wyer and the Church community who have given the school encouragement and support in all its endeavours.

Mrs. Susan Carey has been appointed as the new Head Teacher and I wish her, the school and the community the very best for the future.

Mrs. Karen Crutchfield - Head Teacher

Karen, may we in turn thank you for the wonderful care you have taken of our school over the last four years - you will be missed. However, we wish you well in your new post at Braunton and look forward to welcoming Susan Carey at the start of the Summer Term.



The end of the Autumn Term was as exciting and eventful as usual at Berrynarbor School!

Class 1 had a special visit to St. John's Garden Centre in Barnstaple to sketch plants and to consider the jobs that people do in the world of work. We surprised them with a special visit to see Father Christmas whilst they were there, which was fun for everyone.

Our Christmas Fayre was well attended and thank you to everyone in the village who supported us by coming along and donating items for sale.

Our annual Christingle workshop and service in the church was again a very special event, especially when we light the candles and turn out the lights - there is a wonderful hush and all you can see are little faces lit by candlelight in quiet reflection. Once again, our Christmas Service was also a great hit with the children's musical input, art work, singing, drama and prayers.

Great thanks to the Friends of Berrynarbor who again put on a Christmas Tea on the last day of term in the Manor Hall, and a special visitor came to visit as well. We played some party games and the children had a great time.

Continuing our whole-school focus on developing musical skills, we invited two groups to work with the children and staff during last term. Junk Band came along to develop a performance for parents using old discarded oil containers and beaters made from tennis balls, as well as pots and pans and large sections of water mains pipes! We also invited a music tutor from a group called Drum Crazy who specialise in teaching children songs and drumming skills from Africa. This work really impacted on the work we do in school and we hope to develop these themes further in classes. Two teachers have also had some tuition in playing the ukulele. We have received funding from the Devon Music Service to buy 30 of them for whole class teaching. What a rich and varied musical programme.

Mrs. Karen Crutchfield [Head Teacher]

The Friends of Berrynarbor School held a Dance in the Barn at Sloley Farm just before Christmas with music provided by The Parcel of Rogues. A successful, but chilly, evening, enjoyed by all, which raised some £250 to be given to The Children's Liver Foundation and the School's Music Fund. A big thank you to everyone who attended.

Class 3 spent last term working in small groups with a specialist Art Teacher, kindly seconded by Ilfracombe College. Here is some of the fabric and batique work which the children created with Mrs. Wyer.

Whole Group Collage

Artist: Anna Bowden

Artist: Robbie Reynolds

Artist: Bethan Gamble



Berrynarbor School Forest Schools : An exciting term for Year 5 who have just completed an eight week course based in the woods in the Sterridge Valley, by courtesy of John and Fenella Boxall. We had funded training from South West Forests and this gave us the opportunity to trial a new initiative. The course which the children followed was structured and planned carefully to enable them to learn new skills gradually, safely and successfully. These skills included: woodcraft using specialist tools, woodland awareness, species identification and a whole variety of games and activities to encourage team work. At the end of the course the children invited their parents to come and join in and to have a cook-out. The feedback from children, staff and parents was very positive. We have three members of staff now qualified as Level l Forest School Assistants, after a three day training course at Bicton College. Our next steps will include training a member of staff to become a Level 3 Forest School Instructor and to work as a staff team to plan further opportunities out in the woods.

The Christmas Church Service: Monday 11th December at 2.15p.m. The collection will be for the R.N.L.I. Everyone welcome.

Road Safety in Berrynarbor Village: The Parish Council have commissioned a group of 72 local artists (the children at our school!) to design signs asking visitors to slow down when driving along the narrow lanes. The Parish Council will judge the winning entries and these will be made into proper signs. The competition hasn't closed yet but here are a few of the children's ideas.

Have a restful and enjoyable Christmas and best wishes from everyone at the school.

Mrs. Karen Crutchfield [Head Teacher]


CaitlinBurgess, Year 1

Connor Balment, Year 2

Miles Rees, Year 1

Ella Gibson, Reception



Our new academic year has got off to an excellent start with eager and happy learners ready for another exciting term.

We have improved storage inside the school over the summer to give children more space in their classrooms. Our playground is now complete and this also offers more space for children to work and play.

We have our usual Christian celebrations this term, including Harvest Festival and Christmas events to look forward to. Mr. Fletcher and his team have already entertained us and supported our worship programme with their engaging puppet shows in the church. We look forward to further visits from this local group.

Another exciting local connection is a new initiative we are trialling called 'Forest Schools' with South West Forests. This is a cross-curricular programme of outdoor learning based in local woodlands. John and Fenella Boxall are kindly allowing us to use their woodlands in the Sterridge Valley for this venture and Fenella is also volunteering an afternoon a week to come and join in with these activities with the children. Year 5 pupils are following an eight-week programme of learning in the woods this term.

We hope to send all our staff and volunteers on training courses if this trial programme proves worthwhile and beneficial to learning. We'll let you know how this goes and our great thanks to Fenella and John. Each year we ask the children what they think of their school. Here are some of their thoughts.

Mrs. Karen Crutchfield

[Head Teacher]

George Howarth - Year 2

Robbie Reynolds - Year 6

Kelsey Culley - Year 3

Ella Fairchild - Year 6

Charlotte Cornish - Year 5



Summer Term 2006

We have achieved two major awards this term after a lot of work and effort from everyone at the school.

Healthy Schools Award

After extensive work in developing Personal, Health and Social Education at the school we have had various official visits to see that all the correct working practices are in place. In early July two members of staff and two Class 3 pupils attended an official ceremony at the Barnstaple Hotel.

Schools Travel Plan Award

In the last year we have been focussing on road safety and issues to do with how families choose to travel to school. We have looked at large maps with the School Eco-School Committee to see where families at the school live. Then we considered the danger points for children living in this village. We have worked closely with the Parish Council on highways issues e.g. children designing 'slow down' posters for the village. The children have designed road safety posters and we've asked parents if they'd like to join a car-share scheme. We operate a small walking bus to the car park already and this is used by three or four families. Dropping off and picking up children can be hazardous times for children's safety and we work with our Community Police Officers to tackle this problem. For completing an Action Plan and committing ourselves to this work, we have received a new Digital Camera and £4170 which will go towards outdoor facilities to develop cycling skills for our youngest children.

Our school grounds have really improved in the last year. Great thanks go to the Friends of Berrynarbor for raising money for a greenhouse and plants. Mrs. Fairchild, a parent at the school, teaches children about planting and she has made our gardens a really wonderful learning resource. Mr. Howell, a grandparent at the school, visits regularly to tidy up the borders and keep the gardens looking wonderful. The Berry in Bloom team continue to support our work in school with seeds, new plants and help. What fantastic support! We recently worked with a local artist, Karen Hawkins, to create new outdoor sculptures too. We have also built a new fitness trail, shelter area and ball /climbing wall.

Just before we broke up, Friends of the School held the annual Summer Fete. A lovely hot and sunny evening, the event was a great success raising, before expenses, the grand total of £2,264. A big thank you to everyone involved - the organisers and the parents and villagers for your support.

Mrs. Karen Crutchfield - Head Teacher

Here are some photographs of our new outdoor learning spaces.

Our Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Our Outdoor Classroom

Our new Pond



The Summer Term is proving to be another busy term for the school.

SATs are over, reports out and now the children and teachers can relax a little with summer activities including trips, Ilfracombe Victorian Week celebrations, sports days, etc.

We are in the process of having an outside classroom built which we hope to have finished by Half Term. We are also making good use of our greenhouse area - children growing fruit and vegetables that will hopefully be edible before the end of term.

Thank you again for the continued support of the Berrynarbor community - collecting Sainsbury and Tesco vouchers - giving book tokens for our library - coming in to school to hear readers - sharing expertise to enhance the curriculum. All help is welcome and gratefully received.

Thank you one and all.

Mary-Jane Newell - Acting Headteacher


Class 3 having been writing a type of poetry called 'Kennings'. Can you guess what the poems are about?



Grass eater

fast runner

hard breather

nose flairer

angry kicker

greedy muncher

silky tail

flowing mane

soft toucher

smooth fur

foot stamper

Olivia Needham (11)




great glider

mouse muncher

golden feathers

super swooper

great hunter

Danny Ellis-Fuller (10)



Round ear listener.

Pint nose sniffler.


Tickly feet scurryer

Round pipe hider.


Water bottle licker.

Sawdust nicker.


In hutch sleep time.

Out in day time.


Dandelion eater

Couldn't be sweeter.

Charlotte Cornish (9)



Sometimes annoying

mostly enjoying

often crashes

game player

information bringer

sometimes singer

Kyle Chivers (11)




Slow mover,

Race winner,

House carrier,

Lettuce eater,

Shy creature

Lonely preacher

Winter sleeper

Garden stroller

William Cornish (10)


You guessed!

1. Horse 2. Guinea Pig 3. Computer 4. Eagle 5. Tortoise



At the end of the Summer Term, 'good-byes' were said to two members of staff. John Karslake, after a year's temporary post, has left to take up an appointment in a larger primary school. Rosemary Baxter has taken early retirement after teaching in the village for nearly 17 years. We wish them both well in their new ventures.

A special thank you to Rosemary from the many parents and pupils who have benefited from her thoughtful support and encouragement over the years.

We extend a warm welcome to Mr. Robert Simpson and Mrs. Babs Johnson who will be taking over from Rosemary and John in September.