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Original Newsletter Artwork - Edition 23

Artist: Tom Bartlett - Click image to view in Hi-res.

April 1995  - Edition No.35

Thank you! Thanks to everyone for heeding my plea in the last issue - your contributions since then and support of the Coffee Morning have been magnificent!

Donations in the Post Office and through the post have amounted to just over £60 and £120 was raised at the Coffee Morning. I thank you all, but especially Vi and Anne for arranging the Coffee Morning and their helpers, Joy, Ivy, Margaret, Jancy and Ron.

The cover's refreshing depiction of Bessemer Thatch is the talented work of Peter Rothwell, whose drawings have also recently enhanced the Church and Globe News. Pete, who lives up Hagginton Hill, lectures in Art at the North Devon College. I thank him and the many contributors to this issue - talent certainly abounds in our Village, you just have to "discover" it!

So, keep the articles, etc., coming and I shall look forward to another selection in May - and by Friday, 12th, please - either at the Post Office or here at Chicane.

Judie - Ed

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