The Men's Institute held their Annual Presentation Dinner at The Globe at the end of October - an event enjoyed by everyone present. Special thanks to the Globe management and staff.

The Chairman, Tony Summers, presented prizes to the following Snooker players:

Winner Runner Up

Handicap Singles Kevin Brooks Jim Constantine

Winter League Gerry Marangone Bob Hobson

Scratch Singles Kevin Brooks Tony Summers

Doubles Greg Clarke/Brian Draper Keith Walls/Jim Constantine

Summer League Brian Draper Kevin Brooks

Highest Break Gerry Marangone [27]

4 Comp Phil Brown/Maurice Draper/Greg Clarke/Jim Constantine

2 Comp Ivan Clarke/Kevin Brooks

John Huxtable - President


Congratulations and best wishes to John who has been a member of the Institute for 60 years!



The Men's Institute members and guests had a very enjoyable evening at The Globe in November, celebrating their annual Presentation Evening.

Winners were:

Team Event:

Tony Summers, Colin Applegate, Bob Hobson and John Huxtable

Winter League

Winner: Gerry Marangone Runner Up: Karl Ozelton

Scratch Singles:

Winner: Tony Summers Runner Up: Brian Draper


Winner: Gerry Marangone Runner Up: Tony Summers


Winners: Phil Bridle and Maurice Draper

Runners Up: Ivan Clarke and Kevin Brooks

Summer League

Winner: Brian Draper Runner Up: Kevin Brooks

Highest Break: Kevin Brooks - 25

John Huxtable



Here in Berrynarbor we are very lucky to have a Club with excellent facilities, including a snooker table and a licence to sell alcohol.

We, the members, would like to make all men-folk, young or old, and particularly newcomers to the village or surrounding area, aware of this facility, which can be used both in the afternoons and evenings, or even in the mornings!

Like so many club premises, the cost of upkeep has increased and the more members we have, the merrier, as well as helping the finances! Annual membership is currently £15.00 and for just 50p per person, you can have a game of snooker - can you get better value?

If you are interested in using these facilities you would be made most welcome. For further details, please ring our Club Chairman, Tony Summers, on [012271] 883600.



The Institute held their Annual Awards Presentation Dinner on Saturday, 22nd November, at Ilfracombe Golf Club. After an excellent meal, Chairman Tony Summers proposed toasts to 'Absent Friends' and to 'The continued success of the Institute'. He then presented the trophies for the 2007-2008 season.

The Winter League [played from September 2007 to April 2008]

Winner: Kevin Brooks Runners Up: Chris Jenner and John Hood

The Handicap Singles Knockout Cup

Winner: Gerry Marangone Runner Up: Keith Walls

The Scratch Singles Knockout Cup

Winner: Tony Summers Runner Up: Robert Draper

The Doubles Knockout Cup

Winners: Tony Summers and John Fanner

Runners Up: Gerry Marangone and Tim Davies

Summer Scratch League

Winner: Robert Draper

Equal Runners Up: Brian Draper, Gerry Marangone and Kevin Brooks

The Ray Toms Memorial Cup

Winner: [yet again!] Maurice Draper

Highest Recorded Break throughout the Season: Dave Harris



At the Annual General Meeting of the Men's Institute, the following members were elected:

President: John Huxtable
Chairman: Tony Summers
Treasurer: John Hood
Secretary: John Huxtable
Committee: Clive Abbott, Kevin Brooks, Ivan Clarke, Vic Cornish, Maurice Draper, Bob Hobson, Gordon Hughes

Special thanks were conveyed to our retiring Chairman, Gordon Hughes, for his untiring efforts to the Club over the past years.

John Huxtable



On 2nd December, the Men's Institute held their Annual Presentation evening at The Globe. A very enjoyable evening was had by everyone present. The Chairman, Gordon Hughes, presented prizes to the following winners:

Summer League:Kevin Brooks
Handicap Singles:John HoodRunner Up:Martin Lancey
Scratch Singles:Maurice DraperRunner Up:Martin Lancey
Winter League:Mark AdamsRunner Up:Peter Pell
Doubles Winners:John Fanner & Martin LanceyRunners Up:K.Brooks & G.James
Highest Break:Maurice Draper
Ray Toms Cup:Maurice Draper

Our thanks to The Globe Management and Staff for a very enjoyable evening.

John Huxtable



On Thursday, 8th December, the Mens' Institute held their Annual Presentation Evening. A very enjoyable evening was spent by everyone and the Chairman, Gordon Hughes, presented trophies to the following winners:

 WinnerRunner Up
Winter LeagueTony SummersJohn Huxtable
Scratch SinglesJim ConstantineMaurice Draper
Handicap SinglesMatthew WallsKevin Brooks
DoublesKevin Brooks & Matthew WallsMaurice Draper & Mark Adams
Summer LeagueMaurice Draper Gerry Marangone
Highest BreakTony Summers [26] 
Ray Toms CupMaurice Draper 




The Presentation Evening in the Penn Curzon room on the 6th December was enjoyed by everyone there.

Trophies were presented by the Chairman, Gordon Hughes, to:

Scratch Singles

Winner: Tony Summers Runner Up: John Hood


Winners: Ivan Clarke and Vic Cornish

Runners Up: Matthew Walls and Peter Pell

Winter League

Winner: Maurice Draper Runner Up: Jim Constantine

Summer League

Winner: Tony Summers Runner Up: Kevin Brooks

Handicap Singles [Leonard Bowden Shield, Josef Belka Cup]

Winner: Mark Adams Runner Up: Tony Summers

Highest Break Cup presented by Maurice Draper:

Kevin Brooks

John Huxtable



The 18th October saw the Men's' Institute enjoying an excellent meal and evening at the Sandy Cove Hotel for the Annual Trophy and Prize Presentation Evening.

The Chairman, Gordon Hughes, presented the trophies to:

Summer League

Gerry Marangone,
Runner Up: Maurice Draper

Winter League

Keith Walls,
Runners Up: Jim Constantine and Dave Harris


Maurice Draper and Kevin Brooks,
Runners Up: Mark Adams and Vic Cornish

Scratch Singles

Kevin Brooks,
Runner Up: Jim Constantine

Handicap Singles

Peter Pell,
Runner Up: Maurice Draper

Highest Break

Gerry Marangone [38]

John Huxtable