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December 2017 Editorial

We extend, as always, a warm welcome to all newcomers to the village, and wish all those not feeling too well at present, to get better soon.

Here we are in December and the weather report does not make good reading, but on the few sunny and crisp days, the autumn colours of the trees have been beautiful.

So, Christmas is nearly upon us and the festive rush is about to begin - cards, cakes, puddings, presents!If you are stuck with ideas for gifts, why not visit Fortythree in Ilfracombe. Paul, our artist in residence, currently in South Africa, explains it all later on. I thank him for continuing to enhance our Newsletter with his illustrations.

It was lovely to hear from Tony and Norma [Holland] from Chippenham, who continue to enjoy their choir singing - in Malmesbury Abbey during December. Unfortunately, Norma has not been well but is continuing to get stronger, whilst Tony remains fit, swimming regularly, averaging 280 lengths a week over 3 days.

Thank you to everyone who has sent Christmas messages to go in the Newsletter, your generous donations will benefit both the Manor Hall and the Newsletter.

I thank everyone who has not only contributed to this issue but throughout the year, your support is very much appreciated.Especial thanks to the Regulars and Debbie for her covers and borders for the Messages.It is also lovely to once again include a Letter from the Rector.

There are many events planned over the coming weeks, so make a note of them in diaries or on calendars and enjoy!

Items for February 2018 will be needed as soon as possible once Christmas and New Year are over, but by Wednesday, 10th January at the latest.Thank you.

In the meantime, I send you and your families very best wishes for Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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