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October 2020 Editorial

Can this really be the fourth Newsletter since the start of these strange and difficult times? I hope you are keeping safe from Covid, but for those who are unwell, we are thinking of you and hope you feel better soon. We also send good wishes and welcome anyone new to the village or new Newsletter readers.

This October issue, is dedicated to the late Margaret Ludlow as the donations given at her funeral have been given to the Newsletter. Thank you, Ken and Wendy, for this kind thought.

Thank you, as well, to Angela [Bartlett] in Singapore, for her whimsical interpretation of the recent problems encountered at Woolacombe and for the new-look recipe page.

It's lovely to report a happy occasion and we send our congratulations and best wishes to June and Gerry who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on the 17th September. Whilst the 45th anniversary is sapphire, this, the 65th is blue sapphire. In 2017, the term sapphire jubilee or blue sapphire was coined to mark the 65th anniversary of the succession of our Queen, Elizabeth II.

Good wishes and thanks to Vicki Woodhouse who has been our Parish Clerk for the last four years, and a warm welcome to Sue Petters, her replacement.

Once again, I must thank everyone who has contributed in any way to this issue, No. 188. It is only with your help and support that the Newsletter continues. That help, perhaps with help from new contributors, will be needed for the December and Christmas [can you believe it!] issue! Items for this will be welcome as soon as possible and by Wednesday, 11th November at the latest. Thank you.

Finally, don't forget to put your clock back an hour before you go to bed on the 24th October, and remember that regulations are changing all the time and events scheduled may well have altered.

The community spirit in the village continues live and well and thanks are due to all those who give their time, help and support to others. Stay well and keep safe.

Judie [Ed]

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