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February 2018 Editorial

Although we are now well into the new year, as this is the first issue of 2018, I wish all readers and their families a happy, healthy and peaceful year ahead.

Congratulations to the Parish Council and thanks for the delightful Christmas lights around the church and in the square, and thanks to the many Christmas messages and the very generous donations, the Manor Hall hopes to be lit up too next year.

Thank you to the Parochial Church Council for their kind donation and Richard and Be for theirs following the sale of Christmas trees.

The wet and unpleasant weather has brought the inevitable coughs and colds and what is called Aussie flu.To all sufferers, and I know personally how nasty it is, get well wishes, and that goes to everyone not feeling at their best at present.

A warm welcome to all newcomers, we wish you, and all those who have left the village, happiness in your new homes.

Regular readers may have noticed the absence recently of Rural Reflections. Unfortunately, Steve has been suffering from a debilitating case of double vision.It is understood that there has been some improvement, and we hope that continues.We send him all good wishes and look forward to hearing from him again before too long.

The days are getting longer and bulbs are popping up, so spring must surely be on its way!British Summer Time starts on the 24th/25th March, so don't forget to put your clocks forward an hour.

Once again the regulars have sent in their articles and it is lovely to have a return of Weather or Not.Thank you all.However, it would be nice to hear from some new writers!Why not send in a favourite recipe, poem or photograph, or tell us about that special day or trip?Items for the April issue, due out before easter, would be very welcome as soon as possible and by Wednesday, 7th March, at the latest please.Thank you.


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