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August 2019 Editorial

With a dry spring and early summer, the autumn colours in the trees seem to be arriving early this year, with the beech looking particularly brown. There is some thought that climate change could be affecting them - hopefully not with our abundance of beech in the area.

Don't forget! The clocks go back on the night/morning of 26th/27th October - an extra hour's sleep!

The summer events have all gone well and in spite of the change of venue due to the weather, the Berry in Bloom Tea was a success. Congratulations to Charlotte and Mickey for their amazing Garden Party and a fantastic amount raised for Over and Above.

Talking of events, Be and Richard will be holding another Soup and Pud Evening, taking place on Saturday, 25th January - make a note to put it in your new diary.

Once again, a warm welcome to all newcomers to the village and farewell to those leaving, we wish you all health and happiness in your new homes. We are also thinking of all those feeling unwell and send our good wishes to get better soon.

In each issue I thank all the regular contributors for their continued support and I do so again for this issue - without you there would not be a newsletter - and I thank newcomer Pam Robinson for already putting pen to paper. But it would be lovely to welcome some more new contributors, how about it? Put pen to paper or e-mail me something for December, Christmas and the New Year.

Yes, Christmas, it's coming! Once again, your messages to friends will be able to be sent via the Newsletter, see page 45 for details. Those messages and all contributions for December would be welcome as soon as possible and by the 6th November at the latest. Thank you.


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