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October 2017 Editorial

Looking back at the issues of ten and twenty years ago, some things never change!

In 2007, we were again complaining of a wet summer but unlike today, as I write this we are having torrential rain, we enjoyed a warm and sunny September!

In 1997, you did not have to suffer a message from the editor! We were sadly paying tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, as we have been this year, 20 years after her death. Our W.I., under Vi Kingdon's Presidency, were enjoying their monthly meetings;Dave Beagley was baffling us with his Crossword; the Wine Circle was about to have a taste of Rioja, presented by Tony Summers;AA of BL had landed safely after her intrepid sky dive;'Farewell to Hong Kong' was the theme for the Globe [village] float, winning 1st in Class and Best Overall at both Ilfracombe and Barnstaple Carnivals, and Tom told us about the Harvest Festival of the 1st October 1949. PP of DC had not embarked on her Movers and Shakers but told us about A Bit Of Hungarian Slap & Tickle! Also included were News from the Church, Letter from our Rector, Keith, Reports from the Parish Council and Manor Hall, and the Local Walker took us to the White House on Horsey Island . .. things don't change!

My usual thanks to everyone who has contributed to this issue, happiness in your new homes to all arrivals and departures, and get well soon messages for those not feeling at their best just now.

The next issue will be December and Christmas - can it be here again so soon? Items for inclusion will be needed by Wednesday, 8th November and don't forget, your Christmas message in the Newsletter will also be needed by that date. Thank you and best wishes,


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