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Peter Rothwell

Peter is a naturalised North Devonian having been born in Manchester. His parents moved to Ilfracombe when he was twelve, but he is proud of the fact that he spent every birthday up to that point in Ilfracombe. He attended Barnstaple Grammar School, leaving in 1965 to begin his art and design training at Dartington College of Arts, completing it at the West of England College of Arts, Bristol, in 1969 with a degree in Fine Art.

Peter worked as a freelance artist and designer/maker for several years before being employed by Grand Metropolitan Hotels as an interior designer. It was the arrival of the first two of his four children that persuaded him to consider a career in teaching and he subsequently taught art & design at every level, from primary to post-graduate, ending his teaching as Co-ordinator for A level Art & Design at North Devon College.


The examples here show that Peter works in a variety of styles, both figurative and more expressive but with an emphasis on landscape, and he is always experimenting with new techniques.

In Print

His work features in private collections all over the world and he has illustrated a number of publications, both fiction and non-fiction, and is responsible for 'Lundy - An Island Sketchbook'. Peter is happy to undertake commissions in painting, sculpture and illustration.

Apart from the Lundy sketchbook, Peter has published The Lundy Granite Company - an industrial adventure', a fascinating account of the wheelings and dealings surrounding the attempts by a group of Victorian entrepreneurs to capitalize on the demand for granite.

Peter has also published Ancient Sunlight a novel set in North Devon in the years following the First World War and is a sequel to Henry Williamson's 'Flax of Dream'.

All Peterís books are available on Amazon or, more cheaply, direct from the author.

More About Peter

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Contact Peter:
  • Mobile: 07813 831 916
  • Email:
  • Address:
    11 Goosewell
    North Devon
    EX34 9SA

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