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Debbie Cook

Born in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, Debbie studied at Harrogate College of Arts and York Technical College.

She became a self-employed illustrator in 1987, starting with pastel portraits of children and pets, before signing up with an Art Licensing Agency in the same year. She has produced art work for greeting cards, calendars, prints, stationery and giftware, etc.

In 2000, Debbie went freelance, retaining an agent in the United States and producing new work for the UK and European market, including a series of Collectors' Plates featuring Siamese cats. Her cat and dog images feature in two gift books for the UK market.

Debbie moved with her parents to live in Berrynarbor in 1989, living there for three years before moving to Heddon Mills near Braunton.

In 1992, Debbie started producing pen drawings for the Newsletter and has, she says, been delighted to continue ever since it makes a change from all the painting! And we are delighted that she does!

In her spare time, Debbie enjoys photography, walking, sculpting and gardening, and as you can imagine, she is an animal lover and is owned by Kani, a barkless basenji,is now three years old and who featured on the cover of the April 2003 Newsletter. Ginger, the family cat, appears regularly in her paintings!

Debbie's work can be viewed on line at

As well as producing illustrations for the Covers, Debbie contributes other illustrations, particularly for articles and poetry (see sidebar).

Illustration for 'Man's Best Friend'
August 2004

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one."


Illustration for 'Off the Ground' by Walter de la Mare
August 1996

"Three jolly farmers Once bet a pound Each dance the others would Off the ground."

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The Dog Breed Series
The four dogs are part of a series of covers illustrating different breeds of dogs, most of which have owners in the village.

Click the names below to see each of Debbie's drawings:

Also included in the series to date are: Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Cairn and West Highland White, Labrador, Basenji, Yorkshire Terrier and Gordon Setter.
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